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If there’s anything I’ve learned through my years of obsessing over, writing about, and going bankrupt for fashion, it’s that the greatest outfits are those with plenty of contrast. Whether it’s contrasting colors, patterns, shapes, or textures, contrast is the key to looking both insanely stylish and unbelievably effortless. I’ve always been a fan of putting different colors and prints together, but I’ve never fully focused on contrast between textures; and as luck would have it, that’s the chicest contrast of all.

But the concept isn’t easy. You can’t just throw on a faux fur vest and leather pants and call it a day. (Okay, you can – but that look isn’t appropriate for every occasion!) It’s better to err on the side of subtlety so as to invoke that impossible Kate Bosworth/Kate Moss/Mary-Kate Olsen sense of “I just stepped through the pearly gates of my closet et voila, a perfect outfit was born.”

There are infinite paths to take when wrestling with textures, but to get started, let’s go down a less complicated road, shall we? Because while effortless style is almost never actually effortless, it needn’t require hours of agony and deliberation, either. Luckily, one of my favorite hyper-texturized looks includes the following bare necessities:

1. Your favorite sweater

2. Your most glamorous skirt

3. A particularly chunky pair of shoes.

And that’s it.

Because let’s be serious: not all of us own leather pants or furry vests, but we’ve all got that favorite super-soft pullover or wrap, ditto for that polished A-line skirt or flippy mini reserved for special occasions. By mixing the two together – a casual texture and a formal texture – you’ll find one of your easiest, chicest outfits yet. A pair of sturdy booties anchor the floaty look, and a few strong accessories never hurt anyone, either.


{outfit #1, clockwise from left: mcQ cropped sweater, dannijo necklace, forever 21 bracelet, lulu guinness clutch, asos boots/ outfit #2: j.crew sweater, vanessa arizaga necklace, topshop bag, j.crew booties, topshop skirt}


Main Image: JCrew

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