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By now you’ve been in school for a few weeks and you’ve probably hit a roadblock or two on your path to the perfect semester. Maybe your friends just told let you know that you dress like a hipster wannabe. Maybe it’s money; how can you pay for that pack of scrumptious peaches every week if your income is nonexistent? Or maybe you’re finding out that the dreaded sophomore slump is unfortunately more than a figment of your imagination. Whatever your problem is,  this group of clever and helpful articles might help you defeat whatever obstacle is in your way for that perfect semester:

1.) USA Today College College Students Gobble Up LivingSocial’s Whole Foods Deal

Penny-pinching college students are always looking for deals to make their financial lives easier, and LivingSocial is trying to fill that niche. Learn how they are making Whole Foods Market a more viable shopping option than your on-campus convenience stores.

2.) Campus Splash: How Hard are Graduate Admission Exams?

No one wants to take them, but anyone with aspirations of going to graduate school has to deal with entrance exams at some point. Check out these tips on how to prepare for these exams without tearing your hair out due to frustration.

3.) The College Press: You Have a Problem, Google Can Help!

Who knew Google had a sense of humor? Watch their “help your friends make the switch to Gmail” video and learn how to stage your own intervention for a technologically stubborn friend.

4.) Small Kitchen College: Friday Recipe Round-Up: Yummm

Are you already tired of eating the same meals every week at your campus dining halls?  Check out unique recipes like vegan banana pancakes and roasted eggplant with tomatoes and mint that will add some variety to your diet.

5.) TalkNerdy2Me: 10 Easy, Guy-Friendly Steps to Dressing Well

Men have been known to take pride in their appearence, but sometimes we need a little advice to maximize our style while still wearing comfortable clothes.  As long as you do don't end up looking like this, you'll be alright.

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