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Fall is now in full force. Say goodbye to that last green leaf, because there isn’t much time left before it changes into an uglier and less cheerful color. People always talk about the winter blues, but the transition from summer to fall never fails to bum me out. I miss consistent 70-80 degree weather, being able to go outside in nothing more than shorts and a T-shirt, and the sun showing itself more than a few hours a week. For anyone else lamenting the change in seasons, take your mind off of those depressing thoughts with these entertaining and useful links for college students:
Everyone makes them, but how many people actually fulfill every goal laid out on their to do lists? Learn how to make a list that ensures every item on it will be completed.
College is a place where many firsts happen: first roommate, first bad grade, first love, etc. Find out what firsts are sure to stress out college girls the most. Hint: many of them involve boys.
3.) Small Kitchen College: How To: Cook without a Recipe
Believe it or not, it is entirely possible to make a healthy and creative meal without the aid of a recipe. See how to do this without burning down your kitchen in the process.
Is Twitter the first place you turn for advice on how to build your resume? No? Well change you attitude and start following these people. You might learn something.
It is no secret that the environment is on the decline. What can college students do to help? Check out ways to go green and save our planet from a WALL-E-like fate. 

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