10 Tips for Living With Someone On A Different Schedule

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College living is a little bit like Big Brother – just on a smaller scale. You can stalk Room Sync all you want, but there’s no way of truly knowing what you’re about to deal with for a year. Even if you think you found the perfect match, certain little quirks about your roommate will always piss you off, and vice versa. When you live with someone on a separate schedule, neither of you are perfect. CM is here to help with 10 easy tips for living with someone on a different schedule without ruining your friendship.

Tip 1: Keep It Down

Chances are, your story about your day isn’t half as interesting as you think. If your roommate is doing homework, studying or even just relaxing, don’t make her turn into a Regina George telling you to “shut up.” Know when it is time to chat and when it is time to be quiet, because there are only so many times per day you can hear another person’s voice.

Tip 2: Be Courteous

College is all about making new friends and creating new relationships. However, your 1 a.m. hook up buddy should not come knocking on your door when your roommate is trying to sleep the night before a test. If you know your roommate needs some time alone in the room, give him or her that time because in a few weeks, the situation could be reversed.

Tip 3: Be Clean

In high school, it was kind of endearing that you left your laundry on your desk for mommy to pick up. However, this is college. Your room is probably no bigger than a small closet, so please – don’t take up space with your useless crap. Your living space isn’t just yours anymore and there is no more “mom” to clean up after your mess. So when you make a mess clean it up. It’s as simple as that. You don’t want a bug infestation, do you? As Raven Symoné would say, “you nasty.”

Tip 4: Be Respectful of Your Roommate’s Belongings

Mi casa es su casa…right? Your roommate may always be down to let you borrow his stuff, but that one time you decide not to ask is always the time you accidentally take his prized possession. Make sure to ask first to avoid crossing the line in an unbelievably small room.

Tip 5: Lock Your Door

How would you feel if your laptop got stolen when your roommate forgot to lock the door? Unless you have thousands of dollars on hand at all times, we’re guessing you’d feel pretty sucky. Treat your roomie’s possessions as you would treat yours and just lock the door. There are too many stories about random people walking into dorm rooms to be careless.

Tip 6: Be Careful

When returning to your room either alone at night or with friends; give your roommate a warning. Nothing is more awkward than walking in on your roommate having sex. It may bring you guys closer, but is that the way you want to become better friends?

Tip 7: Turn Your Alarm Off Immediately

Just because you have an 8:30 a.m. class doesn’t mean your roommate should have to wake up for it as well, and vice versa. When your alarm goes off, turn it off as soon as you hear it. Also don’t set an alarm unless you are actually going to wake up for it; you don’t want to risk waking your roommate up for no reason when you are just going to lie in bed and hit the snooze button.

 Tip 8: Make Time To Catch Up

Have you ever wondered where your roommate is or what she is doing? Since you most likely live on a different schedule than your roommate, you should make time to catch up. You don’t want to feel like you are living with a stranger. There’s nothing quite like a little gossiping with your roommate as you drift off to sleep.

Tip 9: Ask In Advance

If you need the room to take an exam or meet for a group project, let your roommate know in advance or try to plan it while he is already out of the room for class or his own meeting. Since you’re on a different schedule it should be simple to plan it when your roommate is out of the room. You don’t want your roommate getting mad and turning into an angry Shrek.

Tip 10: Follow The Golden Rule

“Treat others how you wish to be treated.” It’s possible the Golden Rule was actually created in reference to a college living situation. Long story short, you just can’t complain about your roommate and her smelly Mexican food if you left a huge mess on the floor the week before.

Leigha is a Sophomore at University of Florida studying Sports Management with a minor is Mass Communications. She loves to write and hopes to pursue her dreams in sports writing.

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