Leaving A Mark: A Q&A With Necessary Roughness’ Hannah Marks

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USA Network is full of shows about quirky characters getting themselves in trouble in increasingly ludicrous ways (see: Burn Notice, Pysch, White Collar, etc.). Maybe that’s why Necessary Roughness stands out so much from the rest of USA’s programming. The show follows recently divorced therapist Dani Santino (Callie Thorne) as she juggles her personal life and her professional life, which involves helping athletes solve their problems. A good portion of her stress comes from dealing with her kids, Ray (Patrick Johnson) and Lindsay (Hannah Marks). CM was able to talk to Marks about what’s coming in season two of Necessary Roughness, growing up in Hollywood and butterfly poop:
On growing up in Hollywood
It’s strange because I don’t really know anything else. I missed out on high school and prom. But I’ve had so many amazing opportunities in this lifestyle. I still hope to get the college experience one day. [She is currently taking online classes.]
How T.K. (Mehcad Brooks) handles getting shot at the end of season one…
The show is a nice blend of comedy and drama. I think T.K. handles the shooting in a very comedic way. His usual shenanigans.
On what’s next for Lindsay for season two…
Lindsay is being her typical rebellious self. She’s going through many different phases at once, things all girls go through. [Marks said those phases will include becoming a cheerleader and getting cornrows.]
On landing a cameo in The Amazing Spiderman…
I’m nervous to see myself in 3D. [Look for a nerd in pink glasses and braids that stick straight up.]
On a roll she wants to play one day…
I would like to do some kind of fantasy where I get to play some whimsical character like a fairy.
On her Twitter bio consisting only of the words “butterfly poop”…
I just feel like so many people take themselves so seriously on Twitter. Maybe it’ll be ‘coyote poop’ next.
On growing up in the same California town as Zac Efron…
I’m pretty sure he did theater around the same time I did. I had lunch with him once when I was 10. He probably wouldn’t remember that.
On advice to young actors and actresses…
Don’t give up. You face so much rejection that if you give up too quickly you’ll never get anywhere. Stay true to yourself and give it your all.
Photo: at http://www.tvguide.com/celebrities/hannah-marks/photos/239303/899259

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