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It’s been a sweltering summer, but face it: once the month of August hits, it’s time to pack in your bathing suits and get ready for fall. Make sure you take advantage of your last taste of summer—print out this checklist for everything you have to do this August from A to Z!

Actually enjoy a full day – of nothing.  This means that you should not be studying for a summer class, working, or schlepping everywhere to run errands.

Buy your books from your campus bookstore, or order online.

Catch a firefly, watch it glow, and throw it into the stars.

Do something spontaneous – not illegal of course – like driving to the beach for the day just to dip your toes in the water, or surprising your friend for his birthday by blowing party horns outside his window at midnight.

Enter yourself in a contest, whether it be for your state fair or one of CM’s E-news giveaways.

Find a tarp, a hose, and a bottle of soap, and make a homemade slip-and-slide.

Gaze at the stars on a clear summer night.

Hula-hoop.  You know that your shoebox of a dorm room won’t allow it during the school year, so get your fix now.

Ice cream.  Get your favorite flavor and enjoy it with rainbow sprinkles little-kid style.

Jump for jellybeans! Find a local candy store where you can get jellybeans by flavor.  Stock up and chow down.

Kiss an important lady in your life on the cheek; she’ll appreciate it.

Laze around on a hammock.

Mocha.  Your dog or cat may have a different name than mine, but regardless, go for a walk or throw a toy with your furry friend.

Name, address, city, state, zip code. Snail-mail a little love before you leave for school, so that friends you don’t see during the year will get mail soon after moving in.

Open your eyes.  Lie in your backyard, and find shapes in the clouds.  Find that bird that wakes you up every Saturday morning.  Hunt for some flowers to leave in the kitchen.

Pack for school.

Quit worrying about everything! Everything happens for a reason and will work out for the best.

Read a beach novel.  You know the kind – the mindless, sexy romance or heart-racing adventure novel with no educational purpose whatsoever.

Spend time with your siblings. Go through old photo albums and have a sleepover like the old days.

Take a picture that captures a happy moment from this summer, and blow it up so you can put it on your wall at school.

Umbrella? Forget it.  Go dancing in the rain.

Va-va-voom! Dance like nobody is watching. Crank up the radio and let loose.

Water. Go swimming at the pool or at the beach, run through a sprinkler in the backyard, or have a water balloon fight.

Xana-what? Xanadu! Dictionary.com defines xanadu as, “a place of great beauty, luxury, and contentment.” Try to find the best spot in your town with a few friends.  Hunt from the big rock at the river to the snowball stand that only a few people know about.

Yak with your future roomie. Who’s going to bring the mini-fridge, TV, vacuum and rug?

Zebra-striped gum.  Do you remember the Fruit Stripe gum from your childhood?  Try to hunt some down, and have a bubble-blowing contest.

Images courtesy of hammockoutdoor.com and dailymail.co.uk.

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