It’s Monday, YOU GOT THIS: How to Write Your Resume

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You've put it off long enough. You've given every excuse:


1. I don't have any work experience, and you need experience to get experience.

2. Resumes are a joke, we all know it's about who know, not what you know.

3. Beta's throwing a slip-n-slide party.

These are all valid. Don't think you're alone, even the career experts question the power of the antiquated resume and coverletter:



While the job application process has in fact evolved, resumes still exist, and the formula remains quite the same. Foot in the door or not, at some point you will need to fork over the dreaded document. Here are some links to take you from amateur to expert:


1. Tough love approach for resume virgins: "Employers don't give a crap what you want."

2. Learn the GPA trick.

3. Win the resume formatting battle.

4. Show off your extra circulars.


5. Put your resume on LinkedIn.

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