Is it true about grapefruit?

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Is it true that eating grape fruit makes girls “taste” better (pineapples for guys?)

Dr. Sawyer: There’s little or no scientific data on this topic, but popular opinion has it that certain foods might affect the taste of a man’s semen or a woman’s vaginal fluids.  For example:  Sweeter – drink lots of pineapple juice or eat bananas, papayas and cinnamon. 

To avoid acidic tastes, don’t eat too much red meat, and to avoid a bitter taste, stay away from alcohol, coffee, garlic, or onions.  However, given the lack of any scientific data this whole issue could be bogus, so maybe eat what the heck you like?!


Dr. Robin Sawyer is a professor of health and human sexuality at the University of Maryland. He's the author of Sexpertise: Real Answers to Real Questions About Sex and producer of four films on human sexuality. Want his answers? Send your questions to [email protected] We’ll keep it confidential.

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