In Case You Missed It: First Presidential Debate

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So many topics so little time, this was the theme of the night at the presidential debate with Governor Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama on Wednesday night. The leader of the debate was PBS’s executive director and former news anchor Jim Lehrer.

Both parties disagreed heavily on the issues of taxes and healthcare. President Obama accused Governor Romney of having a plan that includes $5 trillion in tax cut, as well as $5 trillion in military costs. Romney remained cool, calm and collected with all his answers. He simply denied that he had such a plan and stood his ground.

Instead Romney attacked Obama for having four years to make a significant change in the economy. He attacked the increase of Americans who are on food stamps (37 million) and out of work or have actively stopped looking for work (23 million).

But still Obama’s main priority is to reform education, as he is dedicated to hiring 100,000 new math and science teachers and keeping tuition affordable and low.

Romney’s priority is being fair to the small business owners who he says make up more than half of the employed people in this country. Small business include Donald Trump, who Obama made it subliminally known he thought it was ludicrous to think of him as a small business owner.

Following the debate, many pundits and the public focused on how often the candidates interrupted or spoke over the moderator, and how he was unable to stop them. Another big trending topic was, of all things: Big Bird. Romney made a comment that he would cut government funding to PBS, despite liking it, Jim Lehrer and Big Bird. The internet stirred with these comments, and comment such as "Big Bird is the 47 percent" populated the internet. 

However on Nov. 6, Americans will hit the polls and vote for the person who has convinced them the most they should be the leader for the next four years. Some pundits believe President Obama didn’t do so well in this round of debates, but he still has a few more tries before Romney (who has been trailing him in the polls), wins over America.

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