Boobs, Brains and Beauty: I Got It From My Mama

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My mom is hotter than me. There, I said it. I didn’t realize it until she got catcalled three times walking through the mall last week and all I got was a “hello” from my prehistoric ballet teacher. But nonetheless, she’s got “DIME” written all over her. I’m not jealous or anything; she’s graciously passed down her genes to me so eventually I’ll be as hot as her (right?). But like she always told me, “It’s what’s on the inside that counts.” Well Mom, I think I finally get it.

For allowing me to get side bangs, I forgive you. For buying me hot pink crocs, I forgive you. For continuing to try to zoom when I show you a picture on Instagram, I forgive you. But besides this minutia, there’s much more I know I should thank you for instead.

Thank you for putting healthy snacks in my lunch every day, despite my constant requests for Cosmic Brownies and Lunchables. Thank you for picking me up from that party at 1 a.m. even though it was an hour away. Thank you for letting me struggle a little when life began to overwhelm me. Most of all though Mom, thank you for reminding me every day what “beautiful” truly means.

From my vantage point as a college student, I’ve made many mistakes. I look back on many words and wish I could take them back; too many door slams, “I hate you”‘s, cruel criticism and demeaning remarks. I thought you’d give up on me many times, but you didn’t. You made sure I always felt loved when I needed it the most. You made sure I knew I was wrong when I couldn’t admit it. You let me be myself and figure life out the hard way. You let me experience the world the way I wanted to, allowing me to teach myself who I am and who I want to be. I’m so lucky to call you my mom.

Becca Cohen, a freshman journalism major at University of Maryland, described her mom as strong. Her mom is not only a mother, but also a friend, an inspiration and a leader. “I wish I could tell my mom how much I love her and how much I took and continue to take for granted everything she does for me because without a doubt, I would be nowhere without her endless support.” Cohen also wished she could take back every mean thing she’s ever said and apologize for every fight. She knows that without her mom, she’d be a wreck. “She has gotten me through every tough point in my life,” Cohen said. “She is my rock and the reason I have been able to come as far as I have.”

Jordyn Cohen, a freshman communications major at University of Maryland, described her mom as her best friend. Though crazy at times, Cohen’s mom shows selflessness and always knows best, especially when it comes to a Carvel-kind-of-night. “Without my mom, I would have no one to go shopping with, no one to go eat a McDonald’s quarter pounder with cheese with or get coffee coolattas at the car wash with.” Cohen knows that she would not have survived her first semester of college without her mom. Cohen feels thankful for her mother’s constant support, honesty and advice. She also feels thankful that her mom taught her how to not give a f–k.

I’m not like most daughters though. With a daughter like me, Mom, you’re allotted at least five emotional breakdowns per week. I’ll admit it, I like to test my limits, and sometimes that means making both my life and yours a little bit dramatic. Yet, you remain the composed and kindhearted mom you’ve always been. Somehow through it all, you managed to resist grey hairs and wrinkled cheeks—a trait I’m praying you passed on to me.

In every happy moment, at every school performance, after each field hockey game, you’re always there; you’re my constant. I have my best friends, one day I will hopefully have a husband, but nobody will ever love me the way you love me. When I need support, you buy me three new bras. When I need a pick-me-up, you’re always the first to suggest an ice cream run (or just a run in general).

People say that life is short, but in my eyes, life is the longest thing we’ll ever experience. So with the lessons you’ve taught me—to be kind, good and true—I can’t say where I would be if I didn’t have you.

There will come a day when I grow up (finally) and have a daughter of my own. And I’ll be a good mom, I promise, because I’ve had you to guide me along.

I’ll be selfless. I’ll be real. I’ll be compassionate. I’ll be true. The only thing I definitely won’t be is as hot as you. But it’s fine, Mom, because I have a great personality (and that’s really all that matters).

So in the end, I guess Mom really does know best.

Sara is a freshman broadcast journalism major at the University of Maryland. Her habits include cheating on healthy eating, self-effacement, and being real. She defines herself by heavy doses of grit and wit, qualities she hopes to take full advantage of as the future Ellen DeGeneres-Chelsea Handler combo.

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