I Get It, the NFL Starts in a Month

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By Kyle Anderson

Last time I picked up a calendar, the date read August 16.  So why am I being constantly bombarded with NFL news and updates with the season still a month away

Don’t get me wrong, I’m as big an NFL junkie as the next guy.  Trying to get any homework done on a Sunday during football season just isn’t a reality.  The way I stay glued to the tube during even the most boring NFL games is sickening.  But even for the most avid football fans, it seems like we’re getting overexposed.
Of course we all want to know about the big stories in the NFL, but I don’t need to hear about every intricacy of the Kansas City Chiefs’ run defense during the preseason.  Likewise, as Major League Baseball is nearing the playoffs, I’d rather not be bombarded with Albert Haynesworth’s workout routine.
Clearly, media outlets like ESPN, CBS and NBC have a right to analyze football as much as they do, because the fans love it.  They wouldn’t be giving the fans so much football coverage if they weren’t asking for it.
However, this simply should not be the case.  For baseball fans, autumn baseball is sacred. Most years, there are a handful of teams fighting for one wildcard spot.  Normally, the division races are extremely close and sometimes these divisions end in a tie, leading to every fan’s dream; a one-game playoff.
The emergence and utter over-indulgence in football does not just affect baseball.  Everyone gets excited for the first week or so of the NBA, but only true fans really stick around while the NFL is still playing.  Most NBA fans don’t get into the season until after they’ve cured their Super Bowl hangovers, and by that time, the season is already half over.
Now, I’m not saying we should forget about football all together, but it is time that we cut back slightly on the extensive coverage.  Because who really cares about Dez Bryant carrying someone else’s pads?



Do you think we’re overexposed to the NFL, or am I off base?
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