“I Don’t Care, I Love It:” GIRLS Recap

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What'dya guys think of this week's Girls? I'm sort of starting to miss Shoshana and Jessa, who were pretty much MIA the whole episode, minus a brief appearance during which Hannah squeezes in a cocaine consulation. Anyway, here's what you need to know about last night's episode:

1. Hannah Gets a Job

Sure it's a freelancing gig that wants her to do coke and write about it, but in this industry, a girl can't afford to be picky now, can she?

2. We Meet Laird

A junkie turned clean, Laird is a sweetheart. He lives in Hannah's building and she seeks his help after the aforementioned coke consultation brings her to his door.

3. Hannah (and Elijah) Do Coke

So weird things happen here. First they decide to draw and write all over the walls of Hannah's apartment. Then they go and party hardy at a club and…do more coke. They dance pretty intensely to Icona Pop's "I Love It" and…do more coke. Then Hannah dances with a rando and trades shirts with him and…does more coke. And then…

4. Elijah Tells Hannah That He Slept With Marnie

while on coke. That is all.

5. Marnie Gets Laid

We meet Booth again, that artsy guy that made Marnie feel all hot and heavy. After he shows her some completely terrifying art exhibit which involves being locked in a tiny box, they do it. Except it's not as hot as Marnie thought it would be. Or as hot as viewers thought it would be, for that matter.

6. Laird follows Hannah and Elijah

Why does Hannah attract creepers and stalkers? Apparently Laird has some sort of undiscovered protective father gene, because he follows Elijah and Hannah to make sure they're okay while on coke. They're not okay, and so Laird cries.


7. Hannah Wears a Mesh Neon Yellow Shirt

Just felt the need to point out the hideousness of this shirt. It was really bad. Really bad.

8. Hannah and Elijah Crash Marnie and Booth's Hump Session

Hannah needs to barge in and confront Marnie regarding her escapades. And to tell her she is a BAD FRIEND.

9. Hannah Kicks Elijah Out

They're no longer roommates, obvi.

10. Hannah and Laird Do It

Laird walks Hannah home, which is normal since they live in the same building. And then they start making out and doing the naughty, which is a little less normal because Laird is an ex-junkie creep. But like I said, also a sweetheart. 

Maria Minsker

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