How to Prepare for Spring Semester Blues and Booze Via Youtube

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This is it ladies and gentleman of the college generation. It is time to dust off that backpack we threw to the side for a month, stop waking up passed noon and tell your ghost of Christmas regret that you never consume that much food on a daily basis because spring 2014 semester is fast approaching. 

Though it may not be easy to prepare for upcoming classes, all-nighters, and parties when the weather starts to change, these awesome YouTube videos are here to help get yourself mentally checked and ready for academic battle.
For some like myself, this might be your last semester of college. Cue the music and violins, the tears will be arriving fast. It's understandable to have mixed emotions and some nervous breakdowns (aka: where the h** am I going to work after graduation?), but there is also tons of  excitement over finally getting out into the real world. Kristi Halperin, Pima Community College, says “in order to prepare for school, just keep focused because you still need to pass exams and learn as much as you can before graduating.” She is currently an alumnus and making her dreams of becoming a dentist a reality. 
In order to be the best of the best during your last semester before summer break, or the rest of your life, it is imperative to be organized and ready to go. Here are some tips on how to be:
If you are driving or flying back to school, go a few days in advanced. The overwhelming lines for book buying and grocery shopping won't be as bad. And YouTube videos like College Book Renter help you score deals on spring semester books, so you can even skip those lines… 
We were all there last semester: finals week. Some exams were bound to be better than others, but don't let spring finals get you down. Instead, take note of these quotes and sayings to resist in order to do well in May for finals and get ahead in the game. You'll be laughing your way to an A. 
Though at the time you thought it would be a good idea during scheduling to sign up for advanced organic chemistry while juggling physics and anatomy, it may not have been the best plan. Luckily Khan Academy comes in handy and saves the day with tips for courses such as anatomy, chemistry, calculus, etc. I can guarantee this is the video site to take a look at when your professor fails to be helpful, there's a student overload in the classroom, or those days you just can't seem to pick yourself up and attend class. 
But what about syllabus week? Let's be honest here this is every student's dream from Monday-Friday and, of course, the weekend. This is the first week of classes where students get to feel out the objectives and course requirements, and because there aren't many work requirement, they can even stay out all night. It's almost like an undeclared holiday. Here's a helpful hint on what I am talking about from our good friend I'm Schmacked, who travels all over the country to different universities. 
Though college can be fun and games, the main purpose for being there is the education. Spring semester is the last semester to make up for low fall grades, raise your GPA and get one step closer to graduating.  It's all about time management and multitasking successfully. 
Meghan Brown, Salisbury University said, “Spring is by far my favorite, there is so much going on and not to mention the weather is perfect. I planned my schedule around the morning so that way I have the whole day to spend time at the beach.” So if you plan on transferring after the semester from the frozen tundra of a university, opt for a school along the beach. It doesn't get any better than that. 
So as we all begin to pack, stuffing more items into our suitcases than we brought home, take these tips with you: 
How to pack to go back to school: 
Where to party outside of class: 
How to lose those extra pounds from break: 
As a senior myself, I wish everyone a happy spring semester, may the odds be ever in your favor. I hope you bring with you new organization skills, new ways to cut loose and even more ideas on how to become successful
As you begin to set off on your spring journey, whether it be to graduation or not, here's to the night…

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