How to Deal with a Class You Hate

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It’s spring semester and you’re staring at your computer screen. No, you’re not looking at your bank account; you’ve just picked your classes for the upcoming fall semester. No matter what school you go to or major you choose, there will always be that one class that you can’t stand. However, there are ways to combat this hatred by changing the frame of mind and the way you approach the work.

Walking into your first day of said awful class, you may find yourself face to face with the grouchiest, most miserable professor imaginable. He or she might have a mean mug on, throw worksheets in your face, or just flat-out tell you that you are going to fail. Any of these would make a student want to drop the class, but if you happen to be in a big lecture this will help you lay low without stepping on the teacher’s toes. If you are in an uncomfortably small lecture, make sure to speak up with your most insightful and well-thought out answers and then pray that it’s enough to get on his or her good side.

“I had a science professor my freshman year that talked as if he knew everything and that we were too incompetent to learn. This irritated me to no end, but luckily it was a big lecture so I could float through without having a lot of interaction with him,” said an anonymous Notre Dame student.

The workload is usually the other most common complaint because a professor will either overload students with reading or make the tests impossibly hard.

“I dealt with my general chemistry class by working with other people on the homework, which meant I wasn’t drowning in the work alone, and I made sure to speak up in class because the professor would at least notice that I was trying,” said Notre Dame sophomore Lisa Raaf.

You will never be able to craft the perfect schedule with adoringly kind professors and classes that are a piece of cake, but by grabbing the bull by the horns and tackling the class head-on you can at least survive it with a decent grade.

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