Heisman Today, Gone Tomorrow: Reggie Bush isn’t the only (college) athlete to (allegedly) break a rule.

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The world of NCAA football has been wracked recently as allegations of wrongdoing (ahem . . . favors of a monetary sort) have wreaked havoc across yard lines of green acreage. Some of these we’ve (officially) known about since June (or, by the unofficial ruling, since 2005). Others of these are fairly fresh developments. Here’s a quick run-down of some of the more notable wheelings and dealings to make sure we’re all kept in this loop of nefariousness. Think we missed something? (I’m sure we have.) Post it up in the comments board, with your take. 

1.       Reggie Bush gave back a Heisman: OK, this is old news. Sort of. After hefty penalties were levied in June against Bush’s alma mater, USC, for certain frowned-upon infractions (housing, airline tickets, other freebies that college recruiters aren’t supposed to give recruit-ees), everything seemed to be settled. Pete Carroll had bailed for a professional coaching job with the Seattle Seahawks, USC was forced to, uh, give back that Orange Bowl win over Oklahoma (as well as endure a two-year bowl ban), and the school forfeited 30 scholarships. (Education. Who needs it?) But then Reggie the “Saint” came marching in, yielding his claim to his own Heisman Trophy because it was a “distraction.” Or, the reason why he received the Heisman was a distraction? And he made “mistakes”? Something like that. If anyone has a clear answer, just let us know.
2.       Get your bling at UNC: According to the NCAA, Tar Heels defensive end Robert Quinn and wide receiver Greg Little “received travel accommodations and jewelry,” and then lied about it. Thrice. Three strikes and you’re declared “permanently ineligible” by the NCAA. Not to mention that star defensive tackle Marvin Austin, a projected first-round pick in the NFL draft, was dismissed from the team Oct. 11. If anyone is in doubt about whether it’s wrong to accept jewelry, just play it safe and get your rings and things from the 25-cent machine near the exit at Kmart.
3.       Why, Georgia? Why?: If you could make $1,000 off the sale of one jersey, would you do it? After reports surfaced the Georgia wide receiver A.J. Green had sold his jersey from last year’s Independence Bowl to a bona fide agent, the NCAA suspended him in September for four games. (Green has since returned to the Bulldogs earlier this month.) But he’s still one of the players implicated in a continuing NCAA investigation into an agent-sponsored party that was held in Miami. And he’s projected to go in the top five of the 2011 NFL draft. We knew Miami was trouble when the cast of the Jersey Shore showed up there.

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