Heidecker & Wood: A New ’70s Show

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Hear this: 70s soft rock and singer-songwriter with a pinch of jazz.
Sound familiar? Probably not – but frankly, that’s what makes Heidecker and Wood prime material for a playlist.
Heidecker and Wood is the songwriting and recording team of Tim Heidecker and Davin Wood (co-creator and composer of “Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job,!” respectfully). 

Echoing similar sounds of The Band, the duo will premiere its debut album Starting from Nowhere on March 15.
Starting from Nowhere definitely starts somewhere, reminding the current generation of listeners what it means to make a diverse, creative sound. 
The first track, “Cross-Country Skiing” has haunting harmonies throughout the verses and chorus, and definitely gives a more country-rock feel. A gospel chorus enhances this sentiment toward the end of the song, before returning to its original intention of a faster-paced tune.
“Grandest Canyon” offers some off-color keyboard chords that definitely put one in a natural state of mind – many of the titles 
on this album have to do with landscape, and they mesh with the songs appropriately and effectively.
“Wedding Song” is nostalgia at its finest, like something you would hear in a diner or elevator, but still intriguing 
because of the richness of the voices and jazzy background.
“Desert Island” and “Right to the Minute” continue the same jazz feel with saxophone melodies to emphasize the musical phrases.
The most versatile song on the CD? “Life on the Road.” It begins slow and country-like, but becomes a complex song, different from any song on the radio today – don’t let the simple lyrics fool you.
Be sure to check out “A Song for my Father,” a powerful story about father and son that could potentially require a tissue box.
Other songs include “Right or Wrong,” “Weatherman,” “She Left You,” “Million People” and bonus track “Christmas Suite.”
Hear this: Heidecker and Wood does not disappoint.



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