Happy International Women’s Day!

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Women have always struggled with battling stereotypes and achieving equality with men. As strong and determined women, we have come a long way as we fight to be recognized as actual people with rights. Thanks to the remarkable women that came before us, we are able to get an education and do more than just clean and cook for the family. They stood up for what they believed is right and what they believed they had the right to do.

International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate and recognize all women throughout history, make all women proud and, most importantly, be proud to be a lady. It’s a time to reflect on what all women have done and what they have gone through to get us where we are now. Women before us have fought for what we can do now. Because of their constant determination and courage, we can now participate in things such as voting, working outside of the house and having our voices heard.

It all started in 1910 when Clara Zetkin, a German woman, made a proposal that every country should recognize women and their needs in society. It’s a healthy reminder of what women had to go through and that gender inequality was and still is a huge issue.

So ladies, the question here is: what will you do to celebrate?

If you go to www.internationlwomensday.com, you will find plenty of events in which you can choose to participate. All you have to do is search it by where you are located and you can join thousands of other proud women in your city and celebrate this day of recognition. You’re a lady, she’s a lady, and it will be a great day of pride and togetherness.

Last year, there was a viral event called “Rock the Lips” going on where women simply wore red lipstick the whole day and submitted the photo to Instagram or the Rock the Lips Tumblr. It raised awareness of women’s feminine features and it was said to be a bold statement of taking pride of being a woman.

Whatever you lovely ladies decide to do today, remember that this is the day to give a huge thanks to the women who went above and beyond and broke the social norms of what a woman can do. Although we are still struggling to be heard, equality for women will prevail if we keep on fighting for our rights. Feminists around the world, watch out. We’re coming with a big voice and it’s stronger than ever.

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