Halloween Meets Parents’ Weekend at FSU

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Parents’ Weekend at FSU is a special time; you can take your parents to FSU’s Flying High Circus and attend a football game. If your parents are alumni, they’ll probably want to relive the glory days by going to The Strip and maybe visit their old fraternity. Halloween at FSU is also a special time. There’s the Halloween Circus Show, costume parties at The Strip and let’s not forget the ever-popular ZBTerror party. With the anticipation surrounding both events, it would only make sense for FSU to schedule Parents’ weekend on Halloween. So what did FSU students do?

The weekend started with the annual bbq. And that was nice; students lying about how much alcohol they consume every weekend and partying when they said they were studying. Everyone then headed on over to the circus to enjoy some great family fun. Students brought their parents to Pots to show them the bar that has the “World Famous Happy Hour,” and  parents were transported back to their college days, while students regretted ever taking their parents there.

The next day was the game. Dad wanted to visit his old fraternity to show them who’s boss at beer pong, and mom wanted to relive her sorority days at the tailgate. You took your family to the game and left at half time so there was plenty of time for your parents to take you shopping. The sun went down; typically parents make their way back to their hotels, but not this year.

“What frat are we going to?” “What about Kens? Is that still a hip place?” A student’s worst fear was realized; she was going to have to babysit her parents on Halloween. Hemlines came way down on the girls, and way up for some of their mothers–talk about taking embarrassing your kids to a new level.

Halloween at The Strip was a sight. Moms were out raging their daughters, and dads were out drinking their sons, saying, “That’s how it’s done kids.” Poor freshman; all he wanted to do was get hammered, not have to watch his parents do it instead. If anyone had fun this year, it was the parents for sure. And FSU PD thought they’d have it easy this year; boy were they wrong.

Your mom was constantly talking your ear off about how she used to get hammered here, and how Encore wasn’t Encore, but Ken’s was still the place to go. Frat stars were running around trying to score as many pictures with moms as possible and before you knew it, there was a picture of your mom raging with a bunch of macho frat guys on FSU’s SnapChat. You’ve been trying for months to get on that, and now all of the sudden, your mom got on it her first try? Man life really isn’t fair.

On behalf of all FSU students, please don’t EVER schedule Parents’ Weekend on Halloween EVER again.

Arianna Theofan is a senior at Florida State University studying Editing, Writing and Media. She is a member of Alpha Gamma Delta, Tallahassee Community Choir and FSU Women's Glee. In her spare time she practices aerial acrobatics.

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