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Editorial Intern, New York, New York

As one of the top magazines read by fashionistas around the world, Glamour has all the qualities of a dream internship. Every month the publication sends out a guide for fashion trends, makeup and hair tips and the latest celebrity gossip. The hustle and bustle of the office needs qualified interns like you to keep the Glamour train on the tracks. Learning about multiple departments gives you experience that puts you one step closer to that elusive post-grad job.

What it’s actually like

As an intern at Glamour, know that you’re more than a Starbucks delivery person. Interns can be anywhere from writers, to social media managers or the lucky ones that get to see the sparkly expensive clothing. How many people can say they held an Oscar de la Renta dress?

Cool stuff you get to do

You can bring your social life and work life into one productive environment. Twitter needs its fair share of upkeep for Glamour’s followers. Interns can potentially be a part of the social media team that gets the news out in 140 characters or less.

What you’ll learn

Learning everything that goes into creating a magazine is like learning to build a car. There may be a lot of little parts but each one keeps you from crashing into a ditch. Interns can learn about all departments including editorial, social media and PR. You’ll know how the magazine gets to print and how to properly conduct an interview to avoid faux pas with dramatic celebrities.

How to prepare for your application

Emphasize your fashion experience no matter how insignificant it may seem. Your blog may only be read by your mom, but glowing with passion for what they do is a huge bonus.

Skills that impress them

Being able to jump outside your comfort zone. Calling to ask a feature writer for their services is hugely intimidating. If you can take a deep breath and handle all that responsibility you’ll show they can give you any task.

Cool perks

Being with Glamour means being all-knowing when it comes to celebs. As a transcriber of interviews, you’d be the first to know that Kylie Jenner actually did plump her lips or Nicki Minaj really isn’t engaged. The luckiest interns can help prepare for the interviews as well. Is Harry Styles really single? The fan-girl in you will find out.

The deets:

As an intern, you get double the benefits: experience and college credit.
You’ll be needed around the office about 4 days during the week.
If this seems like the perfect fit, start bulking up on your fashion experience.

Were you a Glamour intern? Share your review of the internship in the comments below.


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