Eat Your Heart Out (and other recipes for Valentine’s Day)

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Whether you’re in a committed relationship for Valentine’s, throwing a feminist sleepover for Gal-entine’s Day or reaching for tissues this Singles Awareness Day – let’s be real, we’re all in love with food. So strap on your aprons and put on your mitts, we’re going to turn it up (and on!) in the kitchen.

For couples, eating in has great incentives! Especially for those who have yet to make reservations, give up unless you were planning a drive-thru by McDonalds. It’s also a save for your bank account, which has already taken some pretty big hits with your online shopping addiction. Lastly, the distance from the kitchen to the bedroom doesn’t require a car so you’re in luck to get lucky – fast.

If you’re single, cut down the portions – or not, no judgment here. The recipes are for two, but you’re eating for one and that’s a lot less embarrassing to admit in the privacy of your own home than to the host – “Table for one, please.” Eat away your feelings! Or use these to fill up your stomach for later when you drink away your feelings…

Here are recipes for a menu that will win your way into his heart and charm your way into her pants.

Breakfast: Red velvet pancakes with cream cheese glaze

It’s the perfect wake-up call for tomorrow morning! Some cream to start off the day is never a bad thing. Mont Blancs, anybody?

Lunch: French Crepes

If you can’t go to France, you can have a little Paris in your kitchen. And we wish we were talking about a ménage a trois with Gilles Marini (ref: Sex and the City) and Vincent Cassel (ref: Black Swan)… but crepes are just as delicious! This recipe goes straight from Northern France to your plate and palate.

Dinner: New Orleans Baked Oysters

Oysters are a supposed aphrodisiac. Terry Crews taught us that in White Chicks and that movie was released in 2004 when most of us were still in middle school. And as our teachers taught us, make the theories tried-and-true!

Drink: Boozy red velvet milkshake with homemade ice cream

For the singles, why stop at a shot of vodka? Take the bottle, throw a red bow on it, and you’ll be cradling instead of cuddling this V-Day night.

Dessert: Strawberry shortcake

This is the big Valentine’s push. You’ve got the classic chocolates and cherries. Then there are cupcakes with candy hearts and chocolate-covered strawberries. Angel’s cake, Devil’s cake, cake soufflé, cake pops… every existing dessert is already themed for Valentine’s. Mix things up a a little.


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