Dudes’ Do’s and Don’ts of Dating

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There are certainly times when everyone wishes they could read the thoughts of the opposite sex. If only knew girls knew what guys wanted, and vice versa, they could do it and make their partners happy. Well, luckily for us ladies, CM asked college guys what they look for–and avoid– in girlfriends.

Here's what some of them said:

“A girl needs to show the respect to value my time as well as hers. She needs to be able to keep her word, especially when it comes to hanging out.” — Scott Harman, Sophomore at the Ohio State University

“The girl has to like being around my friends. Also, she has to be positive; Negativity is the biggest turn-off. I think the girl should cook, clean, and shop. The guy should keep track of money and drive. I think it is completely normal for people dating to go a day or two without seeing or speaking to each other. Relationships should be relaxed.” — Alex Gajewski, Sophomore at East Carolina University

“I want a girl to act intelligent, independent, and not try to manipulate my schedule or the way I am. In an ideal relationship, both the girl and guy should have equal respect for each other’s possessions, privacy, and business.” — Bobby Van Horne, Freshman at North Carolina State University

“Both the girl, and guy, should respect each other and themselves. With that being said, neither one should be constantly all over the other.” — Ellis Nance, Junior at East Carolina University

“I wish girls would tell us what they mean or want instead of hinting at it and then getting angry when guys can’t figure it out.” — Ian Petrere, Freshman at the University of North Carolina Charlotte

“The girl should act trustworthy and loyal. Also, she must support the guy and be there through tough times, acting in a feminine manner as much as possible. I’d like a girl to act flirty and buy me nice things.” — Grant Poncer, Freshman at East Carolina University

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