Drinking, Partying & Hook-ups: New College Web Series

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Young people hooking up, wild parties, run-ins with the cops, chugging from a vodka bottle and football games-sounds like a typical weekend for most students doesn’t it?

"Undergrads," the USC-centered Web reality series, focuses on a bacchanal a la "The Hangover" aired Thursday and caused an uproar amongst students and administrators. 

The Web series was produced by actor and perennial student James Franco and follows a wolf pack of USC students through the travails of off-campus life. The show focuses on the idea of a “senior year bucket list” that includes quite a few crazy and promiscuous tasks.

This shouldn’t come as too much of a shock considering this is coming from the same school that caused last year’s shocking naked photo incident. Two students were photographed having sex on top of a campus building and the photos quickly went viral.

In the last year, eyebrow-raising incidents have occurred. Photos were posted online of students having sex atop a campus building, and an email sent by fraternity members using crudely explicit terms to rate women went viral.

So here’s my question: would you want all of your crazy underage sex-capades on national television?

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