Dream Sexcapades

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by Karen Turner   



I would greatly enjoy it if Leonardo DiCaprio, who plays a dream conman in "Inception," "took advantage of me" in one of my dreams.




I would greatly enjoy it if Leonardo DiCaprio, who plays a dream-invading con man in "Inception," "took advantage of me" in one of my dreams.



I admit it–in my dreams, I am a total slut. Not in the sense that I aspire to be one, but just that, when I’m dreaming at night, I seriously get around. I have a "remembered" sex dream probably once a week on average, the kind where I wake up and can recall specific details. And on an even more frequent basis, I wake up in the morning and have that foggy yet nagging feeling that I’ve just done the nasty in my dream-life. The memory will often hit me when I run into some friend or acquaintance and think, wait a second, I feel like I’ve had sex with you, although I’m positive we haven’t? 


It’s a strange sensation, especially since I often don’t want to bang any of the people who my dream-self seems to have no qualms about. Seriously, I have sex dreams about everybody. If I’ve met you/know you/have just seen you somewhere, I’ve probably dreamt about sleeping with you. I’m heterosexual, but I’ve had intense lesbian experiences while asleep, as well as multiple-partner liaisons. Sometimes, the dreams are explicit and technical, sometimes they are romantically lit and never seem to venture below the waist, like a scene in a PG-13 movie. Most of the time, the dream is third-person, and I watch my slutty dreamer alter-ego go at it with whoever as a casual observer.
And all I really can do is be a casual observer; my dream-self doesn’t seem to give two hoots about what I think, and, as a result, I can’t help but feel disassociated. I don’t really feel like we’re the same person, this dream version of me and the me that gets to wake up, particularly when it comes to sexual partners. While I’m a little more picky, she’s always, how should I put it…DTF. It’s certainly different, but I’m glad she’s around.  Maybe she’s there to express my repressed desires (although I certainly doubt it), I don’t really care. She has fun while I’m asleep. I watch in interest, pleasure, and complete horror, and then I wake up and it’s like it didn’t even happen. Which it didn’t.
She’s the perfect alter-ego.
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