Doomsday 2012: Laughable or Legit?

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Whether you go to school in New York City or literally reside under a rock, you’ve likely heard the rumor that the world is going to end in December 2012. According to the Mayan Calendar, a series of catastrophic events are set to shake us up all throughout the year until the world’s population is finally doomed on December 21.
Whether you think the believers are crazies or geniuses, it seems like everyone has a pretty strong opinion on the topic. I mean, it is a question of life or death after all. I asked a few college students if they thought we should just relax or start planning “end of the world” themed parties:

When Pigs Fly
“One time I went to a casino and predicted that I would win $100.  I lost $50.  The whole 2012 prediction is of the same magnitude.  I truly believe that no one can predict the future.  It amazes me that so many people believe that one man could predict such an unrealistic date of fate.  I will be celebrating the day before 'the end' because I know I will have many more days ahead of me.”
– SUNY Brockport, Senior, Charles Murphy
Worst Birthday Ever
“I hope the Mayan calendar is wrong because it says the world is going to end on my 22nd birthday. I think it’s all speculation and I want to see proof. The believers are just dumb because they don’t make any logical points. Then again, since so many people talk about it there’s always that little bit of a lingering fear that it could actually be true.”
– Duke University, Junior, Alex Groszewski
It’s Always Something
“Personally, I don't think the world is going to end. There's going to be so many people 'living it up' or drinking because of the end of the world. First it was the Y2K, then global warming theories, now this. We’re creatures of habit and need a constant 'world-ending hypothesis.' I think the Mayans just got tired of counting after what 2,000 years? I mean cut them some slack!”
– Hofstra University, Junior, Kristin Waltiere
We have Bigger Problems
“I think there’s absolutely no chance the world is going to end in 2012 because there’s no conclusive evidence from reputable sources. People should focus more on what could realistically impact the world. I think at some point there’s going to be a breaking point for the U.S. where we aren’t going to be able to service our debt and there might be financial warfare or a government overhaul. The U.S. has a lot of problems that it needs to deal with in the future, and the Mayan calendar isn’t one of them. We always act like we know a lot more than we actually do.”
– University of Notre Dame, Junior, Cameron Dow
According to the Engineering Major…
“As a man of science, I prefer to consider predictions on the end of the natural world with scientifically founded observations. Our sun is expected to maintain a life-sustaining luminosity in its main sequence evolution for at least another billion years. The 2012 doomsday phenomenon is predicted by the end of the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar, which incidentally provides no scientifically supported corroboration for the end of the Earth. In my mind, there is no reason to believe that I cannot continue my usual life as an irresponsible college student beyond the supposedly fateful date of December 21, 2012.”
– Michigan State University, Senior, Chris Matthes
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