Did You Make The Most Out Of Break?

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To be (lazy) or not to be (lazy): that is the question. Sometimes the answer will be “to be lazy” and other times it will be “go out and do something with your life.” Winter break was the perfect time to accomplish something of importance, but it was also the perfect time to catch up on your favorite television series. In the battle of productivity, what came out on top?

“I have been abroad in Italy this past semester, so for four months it was all carbs all the time. My most productive break activity has been to work out every day in the New Year, whether it's Zumba or a neighborhood jog. I'm also holding off on the pasta. You'll never look like the celebs if you are on the spaghetti diet! On the flip side, I have watched way too many episodes of CSI: Miami and Desperate Housewives. It's a shame to be glued to the TV when I could be prepping for my move back to school, tweaking my resume, or catching up with old friends.”
Alexi New, Junior, Emory University
“This break the most productive thing I learned/am learning is how to snowboard. The most counterproductive thing would be that I hurt my hip while snowboarding, which has made me stay in bed for a week.”
Devon Brown, Senior, Towson University
“I'm on the varsity swim team at UR and so I would say the most productive thing I did over break was come to Florida with my team on December 29th for our annual training trip, where we train for about five to six hours every day. The most counterproductive thing I did was watch 10 episodes of a show on Hulu called Revenge (yes I was addicted).”
Mina Vucic, Junior, University of Richmond
“I think I have managed to be relatively productive over break when I have planned on accomplishing one-three tasks each day. This could include sending out an application for a summer job or going to the gym. I would consider even simple things like reconnecting with old friends or organizing my clothes to be a good use of my time. But, I am not always productive every day. Sometimes I wake up very late and I stay in my pajamas until pretty late in the afternoon because I make no effort to do anything. This could be partly due to a hangover or just a lackadaisical attitude. Facebook can always be a time sucker that prevents me from doing anything productive.”
Corey Goldstone, Junior, Syracuse University
“So far over break I have productively been working about 30 hours a week at my gym, Forest Hill Health & Fitness. I have been saving up to go on an eight day long snowboarding trip to Vermont at the end of this week. Also, I am running around preparing for my transition into Towson, which is very stressful. Since I work and go to school full time, over break I am trying to spend as much time with family and friends as possible, in and out of Maryland. Counterproductively, I probably have been sleeping in later than I should and procrastinating on a lot of things I should be doing with my free time.” 
Julia Ratajczak, Junior, Towson University
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