Desk Raiders: Student Edition

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When you sit down at your desk, the contents can be your best friends or your worst enemies. Sure, it’s great to have your textbook in front of you ready to be studied, but do you really need your iPod within close reach, calling your name? CM interviewed college students to find out how the materials on their desks can both help and hurt their productivity levels.



1.  “As a French major, the French-English dictionary I keep on my desk has become a useful tool in completing translation and essay assignments.”

–Robby, French and History

2.  “I usually study at my desk in my room and I keep a travel guide of Europe on my desk. I find myself very tempted to pick it up and read about all the places I can travel to abroad, rather than study!”

–Jessie, Communication, applied psychology and human development

3.  “I like having a pencil cup there because my utensils of learning are always within reach.”

–Pat, Marketing

4.  "If I could find my desk in the wreckage that is my room, I'd let you know."

–Julia, Biochemistry

5.  “A laptop is obviously extremely beneficial to schoolwork, but with the prevalence of social media websites such as Facebook, it can also cause many distractions.”

–Josh, English and Economics

6.  “I don’t have a desk but if I did I think I would keep my intense lamp on it which helps my productivity since my work is in the spotlight and is my focus.”

–Lauren, Mathematics

7.  “I always keep a bag of sunflower seeds on my desk, it gives me something mindless to snack on when I’m doing my work or studying.”

–Jack, Finance and Economics

8.  “My candy bowl distracts me from doing work because I only nom on chocolate and get fat.”

–Emily, English and Sociology minor

9.  “My phone definitely hurts me assuming, I’m trying to get my work done, because if I get into a conversation I get really distracted.”

–Dan, Communication and sociology

10.  “I keep makeup on my desk and drawers and sometimes I get distracted and start putting on makeup.”

–Joscary, Communication

Junior > Communication and English > Boston College

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