Dear Santa…. CM’s Holiday Wish List

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By Allyson Dickman>Senior>Journalism>University of Maryland

Just because we’re in college doesn’t mean we can’t send mom and dad our wish lists. Whether you receive one or eight days’ worth of presents, this list is sure to settle those past gift grievances with the folks.
So round out your gift list with CM’s top 5 must-haves to get you through the New Year:


1. A Snuggie: Okay, we all make fun of them – seriously, it’s just an elongated robe put on backwards – but you know you’re secretly craving one. Keep yourself warm and your hands free for that homework, or beer. $19.95 at; $15.99 at Kohls.

2. DJ Hero: So you’ve mastered Guitar Hero and are looking to expand your musical talent to another medium. Try your hand at hip-hop with DJ Hero, and even emcee your own parties with this one, available on Xbox, PS3 and Wii. $199.99 at

3. Barnes and Noble Nook: This Kindle competitor won’t be shipped to you until January, but you better get it ordered now. The thin device has unlimited space for books and e-book sharing capability. Added bonus: it’ll help your posture by lightening that book load you’ve been toting around campus. $250 at

4. The Flip Mino: Forgot what you did last night? Never again. Capture every drunken, hilarious and embarrassing moment on this pocket-size camera. Save the videos to your computer for blackmail later. Customize your flip with one of hundreds of skins. $149.99 at

5. The “I’m Not a Paper Cup” Cup: Carry your coffee, hot chocolate or spiked eggnog on the go with this faux-Starbucks cup. This porcelain cup can be used over and over again without getting worn down. Plus, it’ll really confuse your friends. Get a set of two for $16 at

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