Copenhagen 2012: I Miss You Bloomington

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I do not get homesick. No, really, I don’t. I spent most of my childhood separated from one parent or another, and I’ve always been pretty independent. When I went to London last summer, I emailed my parents to tell them I’d survived the flight and didn’t call them again for three weeks.
Right now, I’m missing the good old shores of the USA a bit more than usual. But it’s not that I particularly miss my parents (sorry mom) with any intensity. I don’t even really miss my room or my car or the fact that in my sorority house a chef cooks me three meals a day.
But I do miss Bloomington. It’s something I never thought I’d say. I’ve loved the city that houses Indiana University’s main campus since the moment we met, but I’ve never been able to understand why my recently-graduated friends keep coming back for weekends and talking with an almost religious fervor about how I have no idea how lucky I am.
Surely the real world is better, right? Oh, how wrong I was.
In the past month, I’ve missed out on watching the Hoosiers advance to the Sweet 16 with my friends at our favorite bar, several 22nd birthdays, and Little 500 qualifications. And while I’m knee-deep in midterm papers and projects, my friends are just returning from their fabulous spring breaks and distracting me with their gloriously sunny Facebook photos.
Seriously, who decided to put the “study” in study abroad? But I digress.
The affect of all these missed celebrations is that in my mind, Bloomington has become a shining beacon that’s filled with the friendliest people, the best food and the most beautiful streets.

It’s the pinnacle of civilization, because when I’m there, I don’t have to cook my own food or act like a full-grown adult or wear acceptable clothing all the time. I can spend the entire day in sweatpants and no one will bat an eye. I can’t do that at home, and I certainly can’t do it in Copenhagen.
I’m terrified by the fact that I only have one year left in that place. I’m terrified that my true adulthood is just around the corner.
It’s not like I don’t want to be abroad or even like I’d change it if I could go back. I think I’m just about as home as I could be after twoish months here. But being away from small things like peanut butter for an extended period of time sure does make you appreciate the larger things in life.
So while I’m sure I won’t want to leave Denmark, I’m looking forward to spending just one more year celebrating with best friends, relaxing in my non-pants, and watching NCAA basketball without paying for a subscription. Bloomington, I’m looking at you.
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