Comic-Con, Soup, and Pirates!

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  • The Soup Nazi is back in Manhattan! That's right, the original site of the soup stand more famous for its strict rules than its product has re-opened under the supervision of the same guy who inspired one of the funniest characters on Seinfeld, Al Yeganeh. He apparently still resents Jerry Seinfeld, and by forever banning him from the stand has effectively told him "no soup for you!" Which I think is just a little ridiculous, since Yeganeh has made millions from selling soup all over the world (you can buy it online or at 22 stores across the U.S.) since the episode aired back in 1995. And now I'm hungry for soup…
  • David Boreanaz needs to stop being a pervy creep so I can enjoy watching Bonesreruns in peace! A woman who was an extra on the show last year is pressing sexual harassment charges against the star, alleging that he tried to kiss and touch her inappropriately multiple times, as well as unzipping his pants and, well, you know. C'mon, really? How many times do I have to read about this kind of crap before you cut it out, David?! His rep denies that any of the allegations are true, calling them totally fabricated and absurd. But she's also suing FOX and the show's production companies for letting Boreanaz get away with such behavior, which sounds pretty serious to me. Hopefully it isn't true so I can continue my fantasy that deep down, he's a good guy and he wants me.
  • Oh, there's going to be a fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie. *Sigh*…remember when the first one came out and it was really great? Then you saw the sequel and thought, It's not that bad…? And finally you saw the third one and felt like you wanted to cry/demand a refund? Yeah…Disney needs to stop milking this particular cash cow before they ruin Johnny Depp's career forever.
  • Why, oh why don't I have the money to fly out to San Diego and go to Comic-Con?! Life sucks, man. Not only will the cast of my current favorite show, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia will be there this Sunday, they're also going to show an episode from the upcoming sixth season! The cast of Dexter has been there already and revealed some inside details on their new season too! Psych will have a panel as well, featuring the hilarious stars of the show–James Roday and Dule Hill. And as if all that's not enough to make this TV addict cry, Tina Fey (my idol) was there too! Please excuse me while I go wallow in self-pity.

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