College Links: Holiday Edition

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Congratulations everyone: you survived the fall 2011 semester in one piece (hopefully)! You can finally go home, enjoy some home cooking and do as little as possible for the next few weeks. Even more exciting: the holiday season is in full swing. A combination of end-of-finals ecstasy and holiday cheer can brighten even the most stubborn Scrooge’s mood. While you’re in a jingle-bells-and-dreidels state of mind, check out these fun and informative links to keep yourself in the holiday spirit:
1.) As a Jew, I’ve never really found the joy in watching Christmas specials and movies. But even my heart grows five sizes when watching A Charlie Brown Christmas and I can’t help but chuckle at Will Ferrell’s antics in Elf. Check out what other movies TalkNerdy2Me recommends you watch to get the full holiday effect (though I would add The Hebrew Hammer to their list).
2.) I’m not exactly sure how to encapsulate a year in food, but Small Kitchen College somehow managed to do just that. Learn what foods defined 2011 and marvel at the culinary geekery required to write so enthusiastically about food.
3.) There is nothing more magical during the holiday season than discounts. One of your greatest tools in the war on paying full price might be that little plastic card that gets you in and out of your dorm and pays for your diner meals. Let Hack College tell you more about how useful your student ID can be over break.
4.) Okay, I know this one is going to break the holiday trend, but it’s a subject very near and dear to my heart. If NBC is going to bench the funniest show on TV, Community, indefinitely, they shouldn’t be surprised about becoming the target of Occupy 30 Rock. Nerve has more on by far the most important Occupy campaign to date.
5.) How much fun could you have being a fly on the wall at the Willis/Moore holiday dinner table this year? Bruce is happily married, while Demi is fresh off a divorce from Ashton Kutcher. Your Tango is here for you in case you’re wondering what other celebrity dinner tables will rival Willis doing his best not to die hard…from self-satisfaction.
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