Coffee House Press Internship

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Publishing Intern, Minneapolis, MN

If you want to work in a field that’s always changing to keep up with the times while still holding traditions, check out the publishing field. This field offers multiple internships, but not many of them stand out the way Coffee House Press does. Located in Minneapolis, Coffee House Press stands tall as a nonprofit, independent publisher. This company sets themselves apart from others with programs like Books in Action and their unique internship program. Coffee House Press prides themselves on being the true liaison between author and reader; they stick with tradition, while striving to publish fresh, new works.

What It’s Actually Like

The internship focuses on every aspect of the publishing process. “Interns have the opportunity to work with everyone in the office to some extent and learn about all aspects of independent, nonprofit publishing,” said Timothy Otte, Coffee House Press Publishing Assistant. You’ll read manuscripts, report on submissions, research grant prospects and so much more. Working 12–14 hours a week will give you just enough time to get down the basics of publishing.

Cool Stuff You Get to Do

If you love to read, especially the newest books, you’ll get a chance to read some manuscripts before they’re even published. What. Get ready to brag to your friends that you read their new favorite novel months before the book even hit the shelves. By the end of the internship, you’ll know all the ins and outs of publishing.

What You’ll Learn

“Daily intern tasks put them in contact with aspects of publicity, editorial and development, so we hope interns learn how each of these roles support the others,” said Otte. Though Coffee House might be a small publishing house, you’ll learn tons of skills such as working well with a team, writing reports and some clerical work like answering phones that will transfer to large publishing houses or other areas of work. Just imagine a summer of learning about how books are published, reading some cool new books and filling in your resume with all the cool skills you’ve picked up.

How to Prepare for Your Application

Prepare for your application by getting involved with the arts community around your campus. If you’re involved in theater, music groups or anything else artistic, then you’re covered. Coffee House prefers hiring students who truly love the arts, no matter the involvement. They require cover letters featuring the types of books you enjoy reading and, of course, why you want the internship. Coffee House also prefers letters of recommendation from your professors, so make sure to start thinking about who to approach.

Skills that Impress Them

One word: experience. “We don’t look for specific college classes, but certainly people who can demonstrate an interest in art and literature with their cover letter or resume will rise to the top. That can mean being an English or literature major or it can mean majoring in something else, but participating in a reading group or writing workshop, volunteering at a library, or hosting a monthly slam,” said Otte. Aside from experience, Coffee House enjoys getting to know other aspects of yourself, such as your favorite book—for obvious reasons.

Cool Perks

One of the best perks comes in the form of books and discounts. Following your time at Coffee House, you’ll leave with a ton of knowledge, a stack of books and a lifetime discount to everything Coffee House Press publishes.

The Deets

Coffee House Press has summer, fall and spring internships. Each intern works about 12–15 hours per week over their intern season, which lasts around 4 months. The best part of the internship? They pay you. In fact, they remain the only independent publisher in the Midwest who offers a $1,200 stipend for the internship. Say goodbye to scrambling for change to pay for gas. This doubles as the perfect internship to learn the ins and outs of publishing.

Corinn loves music, dogs, rugby and peanut butter. She dreams of writing novels in a loft in New York City, but for the time being, she's a junior English and Psychology major at Luther College in Iowa.

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