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Pop songs don’t get more addicting than Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe.” Though some complain that the idea of telling a guy to “call me maybe” is needlessly confusing, most college students have realized that there’s no point in dissecting the deeper meanings of a song that’s genius is in its simplicity. “Call Me Maybe” has become a favorite karaoke jam, so much so that the Internet has been flooded with covers and dance numbers set to it. Because the song is currently number one on iTunes (and because we basically discovered Jepsen), we present for your consideration the top 10 “Call Me Maybe” covers:
1.) Cimorelli
The six Cimorelli sisters took “Call Me Maybe” to a whole new level of cool with some brightly colored outfits, cool choreography and a clear enthusiasm for their music.
2.) Dave Days, Alex Goot and Chad Sugg
These guys turned up the guitar factor and made the poptastic “Call Me Maybe” into a rock song. Something tells me the ladies might find something to like here.
3.) Megan & Liz (feat. Max Schneider)
A little beatboxing, a ukulele and a nice mix of male and female vocals make for a fun cover. Megan & Liz always look like they’re having the time of their lives, and this time is no different.
4.) Harvard Baseball Team
Who saw this one coming? Points for inspired seated choreography and the sheer audacity on display. And the video is helping a charity. What more could you ask for in a “Call Me Maybe” cover?
5.) Paradise Fears
These guys make “Call Me Maybe” sound like a soulful ballad about the trials and tribulations of love. Considering its source material, that’s pretty impressive.
6.) Tanner Patrick
YouTube user AUR4774 says it all: “You make a T-shirt and jeans look good. You sound even better. You are blessed, young man.”
7.) RedLightArrest
This girl has an amazing set of pipes. And judging by her expressive face, you really believe that before you came into her life, she missed you so bad.
8.) Nick Santino
The A Rock To The Moon lead singer turns the song into a slower, more thoughtful examination of falling head over heels in love. Consider this “Call Me Maybe” for intellectuals and hipsters.
9.) SMU Women’s Rowing Team
The girls lose points for coming after the Harvard cover, but gain them all back because of some excellent leg-based choreography. “Ball’s in your court, Harvard baseball.”
10.) Megan Nicole
It’s a straight up cover with no frills, but this girl can sing.  As YouTube user pinkpeggy1 put it: “Hey I just heard you, and this is crazy, so keep on singing, ‘cause it’s ama-zing!”
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