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By Kerri Pinchuck>Junior>Journalism>University of Maryland
As a college student, you’d like to think you’re pretty tough. You laugh in the face of grading scales, attendance policies and “final deadlines.” However, there’s one thought that will send even the most courageous coed cowering into a corner. Your future.



The scary truth is that in These Hard Economic Times, an advanced degree is increasingly becoming a requirement to more employers. While the thought of preparing for more school post-graduation sounds frightening, there is good news. Thanks to the Princeton Review, you won’t have to do it alone.
The Princeton Review, your new lifeline, offers courses in preparation for the GRE, GMAT, LSAT AND MCAT tests. Boasting some of the most impressive score improvements in the industry, the Princeton Review now has special programs specifically designed to target your individual needs. Terrified of standardized testing? They’ll teach you how to organize, strategize and look for patterns in the tests. Haven’t seen a calculus problem since freshman year? GMAT students can get back into shape with a math boot camp. LSAT “hyperlearning” programs offer one-on-one quality time with instructors and MCAT students can bring specific questions to designated office hours.
“Without guidance from my Princeton Review instructor, I probably would have continued to waste my time studying the wrong materials in the wrong way,” said Brian Webb, a student who saw a 140-point increase in his GMAT test score after completing a Princeton Review course.
We know there are other test prep courses out there, but Princeton Review actually cares and caters to your individual needs. With access to experienced instructors and full-length practice tests to simulate actual exams, Princeton Review goes above and beyond the basics to ensure higher test scores. “The more that a person is able to practice and play with the exam, the better they will score,” Webb said. “The Princeton Review provides students with just that opportunity.”

Test                Location                                                 Dates
GMAT             Hopkins Sat AM                                      4/10/10 5/22/10
GRE               Hopkins Sun Aft                                      4/11/10 5/23/10
MCAT             Hopkins M-Th Eve                                  4/20/10 7/1/10
LSAT              Hopkins M/Th                                          4/26/10 6/3/10
LSAT              Towson M/Th                                          4/26/10 6/3/10
GMAT             Dupont Tuesdays                                   4/27/10 6/8/10
GMAT             Capitol Hill Mon/Thur                              5/3/10 5/24/10
GMAT             Hopkins Wed Eve                                   5/12/10 6/23/10
GMAT             Dupont Wednesdays                              5/19/10 6/30/10
GRE               Silver Spring Wed.                                  5/19/10 6/30/10
LSAT              College Park M-F AM                              5/20/10 6/4/10
MCAT             Bethesda M-F AM                                   5/24/10 7/22/10
MCAT             College Park M-F AM                             5/24/10 7/22/10
MCAT             Georgetown M-F AM                              5/24/10 7/22/10
GMAT             Dupont Sunday PM                                6/6/10 7/25/10
GRE               Dupont Mondays                                    6/7/10 7/26/10
GRE               College Park Tues/Thur                         6/8/10 6/29/10
GRE               Georgetown Mon/Wed                           6/9/10 6/30/10
LSAT              Dupont Sa/R                                           6/12/10 7/22/10
LSAT              Hopkins M/W Eve                                   6/14/10 7/19/10
LSAT              Georgetown M/W                                    6/21/10 7/28/10



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