CM’s Guide to Applying Feng Shui to Your Room

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Feng shui is the Chinese practice of establishing an agreeable situation to produce harmony by balancing yin (dark, negative force) and yang (light, positive force). Accordingly, feng shui facilitates the flow of good chi (life energy) into one’s life thus welcoming prosperity and fortune as well. By simply rearranging the furniture in your room, you can attract positive chi into your life and achieve an auspicious year. Here are ways to apply feng shui to your room: 

Place your bed where you can see your doorway.
By seeing who comes in and out of your bedroom, you can sleep with peace of mind and with a sense of inner security. You can remove unconscious stress by being able to clearly view your door as you lie on your bed. 

Don’t sleep with your head near a window.
It is believed that chi flows out from the top of one’s head as well as out from the feet and hands. Consequently, if your head is directly underneath or adjacent to a window, your chi may escape outside while you sleep. Retain your chi by positioning your bed away from windows.
Avoid having several visible mirrors.
Multiple mirrors may cause your energy to bounce around the room and reduce the quality of restful sleep or cause sleep deprivation. You can avoid this by covering your extra mirrors with a bed sheet or some other cloth.
Have inspiring, positive, or beautiful images and decorations around your room.
It is especially important to make sure the first object or image you see in the morning is positive since it may set the tone for the rest of your day. Positive energy tends to attract good fortune.
Open your shades or blinds and allow sunlight in.
Sunlight is a natural form of energy and so by letting it into your room, it banishes the negative energy. 

De-clutter your room.
An excess of items or furniture strewn about your room creates obstructions when you roam around your room. By creating a clear space so you can walk through your room, you can easily navigate and move forward.

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