CM’s Worst Ways to Get Dumped

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We all know those stories about someone who got dumped in the worst possible way. After they tell you their story you can’t help but think, “why in the world would someone ever dump another person like that?” Seems simple enough, right? Just man up and tell the person you are with that you don’t want to be with them anymore; that it’s “not working out”. Well, that seems to be too hard for some people.

All those cliché break-up lines would be much better than the stories I’m about to share with you. Here are five stories of horrible ways to get dumped. (Hopefully none of these stories are yours.)



“I had a friend who was with this guy and they seemed really good together. They stopped talking as much as they did in the beginning of the relationship, but they were still together, nonetheless. One day she was walking with her family at the mall, and she saw her man with another girl. I guess that was her way of knowing they weren’t together anymore.” –Nneoma Ajiwe, freshman from University of Texas in Arlington

He didn’t even have the courtesy to let her know they weren’t together anymore. **shake my head* *



“I know somebody who broke up with their girlfriend by leaving a voicemail on her cell phone. He was straight to the point in the message and would just reject her phone calls when she tried calling him back. It sucks for the girl, but I guess confrontation isn’t for everyone. He never talked to her or saw her ever again.” –Johari Davis, freshman from Alvin Community College

The worst part is, that person is going to have that message recorded on their phone for a long time. If you’re going to break up with someone over the phone, be nice enough to at least wait for them to answer.



“I know someone who randomly started getting all these texts from her friends asking her if she was alright. Confused, she replied to them saying she was fine and asking why they asked. Well, come to find out, her boyfriend changed his Facebook status from "in a relationship" to "single". It totally caught her off guard and when she saw it for herself, she couldn’t help but feel sad, mad and betrayed.” –Ngan Cao, sophomore from University of Houston

Social media is dumped becoming a common dumping tool now that technology is making it easier to communicate with each other without actually being in front of a person.


“My friend had been with her now ex-boyfriend for almost three and a half years. During the last couple of months of their relationship, you can tell it was really rocky but they continued to try to work it out. This one day, she found out that he was throwing a party at his house. When she called him to ask what he was doing that night, he told her that he was probably going to do nothing. She asked him, “Are you sure you’re not doing anything tonight?” trying to give him another chance to fess up. When he replied “no” again, she blew up. He started asking her questions like, “Who told you?” or “How did you find out?” Let’s just say they aren’t together anymore because he’s a liar. Oh, and there was another girl too.” –Mercedes McGinnis, freshman from the University of Houston.

Can you say two-timing liar?


“I know someone who went over to his girlfriend’s house knowing that he was going to break up with her when he got there. However, whenever he got there they had some alone time and got busy…if you catch my drift. Right after the deed was done, he put his clothes on, told her that it was over and walked out.” –April Bonnard, junior from Texas State University

This one definitely wins the award for "worst way to get dumped". Although to some people sex is only part of physical needs of a human, some view it to be much more; they see it as a connection, something special. I hope none of you reading this ever gets dumped like that.


If you and your significant other broke up, remember, you are not alone. There are plenty of fish in the sea and you will find the right person at the right time.





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