The Fast and the Flirtatious: CM Interviews QuickieChick’s Laurel House

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What if everything in life was made up of ten minute quickies? Sometimes, we women are just too busy to have time for anything. We are on the go so much that any instruction or advice given to us needs to come in spurts or we won’t pay attention for more than a few moments. Let’s be honest: we just don’t have the patience (or the money) to contribute to long, drawn out tutorials on how to tone up or mentally relax.

Well ladies, our prayers have finally been answered thanks to author and everything-expert Laurel House, founder of QuickieChick. It all started from a YouTube video with a risqué name- “Quickie Workout in Bed”- a real workout done on bed that hit a million views within a couple of days. She then expanded the quickie concept into a lifestyle including Quickie Workouts that you can do anywhere (like at work or even on Facebook), recipes (which she calls “Bites with Benefits”), beauty tips (called “Refrigerator Facials”), even career and dating tips, all of which are featured on her very own quick-tip site,  

Built on the three G's–gumption, grace and guidance–QuickieChick breaks down the most complex advice into “LifeQuickies,” helping "chicks" be their best selves. These are tips that are short, sweet and to-the-point on how to get through life painlessly, fabulously and on a budget.

The site is a guide and cheat sheet to life that provides fashion and fitness tips within small blurbs and videos. It is here that House expands on ways to maintain confidence, health, peace of mind and even how to prevent hangovers. She even includes clever tips on how to radiate confidence from the inside out…literally. These confidence boosters are for girls to use as power tools in the work place and life in general.

“In the end, it's about confidence,” House said. “I want chicks to be able to walk around and feel good about themselves. I want all girls to feel that confidence and to be empowered.”

One of her many tips includes a Feng Shui trick on how to maintain confidence by wearing the color red. According to a Feng Shui expert, wearing red in your outfit or even under it can empower a woman and help to radiate confidence. House took this tip and ran with it, creating a video on wearing “red power panties.”

She insists that wearing red is not meant to impress or to look sexy. Instead, the power panties give you an inside wake-up call and a bit of luck. House states that she now “won’t go to any important meeting without wearing red.”

There are even “quick” recipes on how to make tasty homemade facials, like the beauty refrigerator facial. This only requires you to smear salsa on your face in order to give you a glow. As for you social drinkers out there, don't frett: you haven't been forgotten. According to House, eating asparagus before you have a drink is scientifically proven to break down alcohol.

The success of the QuickieChick site has led to House’s fourth book, QuickieChick’s Cheat Sheet to Life, Love, Food, Fitness, Fashion and Finance on a Less than Fabulous Budget in stores today! The book targets the 20-somethings, providing tid-bits of life’s lessons in manual form. House couldn’t be happier.

“I am so excited,” House said. “It’s been a long time coming. It’s been two years since the start.”

The book is meant to grow with you. Although this one is broader and made specifically for young women just hitting adulthood, the books following will mature with the women reading it. However, House ensures that anyone can read the Quick Tip manual.

“Although this one is geared toward the 20-somethings, it’s really for everybody. It has tips about everything, which truly work in all areas.”

So ladies, expect to see more QuickieChick books in the near future. Until then, grab a copy of the book that will revamp your entire life:

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