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According to a recent study, universities across the globe have at least one failure in common: the ability to prepare students for successful careers in business intelligence. Business intelligence, or BI, is a technological course of study in which students learn computer-based methods of extracting and analyzing business data, such as sales revenue or income.

It doesn’t sound very exciting, but it isn’t such a bad gig. BI senior analysts can make up to $118,000 a year.

So what’s the problem? Apparently colleges are failing to produce graduates with knowledge in both BI and business. Graduates either carry with them a very technical background in BI with little experience in real business, or vice versa. Experts say that while BI is offered at various universities, the curriculum is often too narrow and doesn’t reflect real-world events.

Students with an interest in business or BI should arm themselves with this knowledge. Studies show that by 2018, the United States will need over 1.6 million BI analysts, which is 60 percent more than the available workforce. There’s a shortage of competent BI graduates and they’re in high demand. In this economy, knowledgeable BI graduates can’t go wrong.

If you’re a BI major, it might be in your best interest to minor in business or at least take classes that give you a working knowledge of both fundamental business topics and current trends. If you’re a business major, consider minoring or concentrating in BI.

With some work and practical know-how, BI could be your fast track to success.

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