Beyond the Toga: Snow Pants or No Pants

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Let’s face it, with pool parties being all the rave in the summer, a Snowpants or No-Pants themed party will truly make for a twist.


Taking into account that it’s sizzling out, you may want to rethink your choice of clothing for a winter-type gathering.  While not wearing pants is clearly an option, you’ll still want to dress to the theme. Instead of piling on layers, focus on the smaller attributes of a skiing outfit that won’t leave you sweating in place.
“I would go shirtless and wear rockin’ shades,” Oscar Tavares, the University of Nevada, Las Vegas student said.
To begin, throw on your favorite swimwear and add a few of these to the mix — ski goggles, beanies, mittens and sunglasses. Think of it this way, the more over the top, the better. And, if you’re feeling bold, ski vests and snow boots would complete the look.

You want the party to really feel like it’s winter-time so move this party indoors where the AC is blasting or if you want to go all out, rent a room at a nearby ski lodge.
Renting a snow cone machine might be a little pricey, but guess what? You can fix a cup of your own. Take crushed ice, flavored syrup and alcohol of your choosing (not required) mix together, you’re all set. Purchase ingredients for a make-your-own float station, and popsicles for a delicious way to cool down. If you’re up to it, try making some frozen hot chocolate, a nice summer alternative to the winter-time favorite.

Hang up snowflakes and break out your best snow equipment for decorations – skis, snowboards, sleds and ice skates to make it feel like it’s really wintertime. When you throw this winter party mixed with the summer heat, the frosty theme will helps to stay cool.

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