‘As We Go On, We Remember’ Playlist

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Welcome to that bittersweet time, where the seniors leave and flock to the real world, and a new crop of freshmen get ready for life without their parents. But, before this happens, let’s take a minute and reflect on all it took to get to this point. Cheers, seniors!

“Memory” by Sugarcult – This alternative rock hit will have you remembering all the good times of the past, while also looking forward to the future. Be prepared to sing along – especially if you have a convertible and it’s beautiful outside. 

“September” by Daughtry – Tissues are necessary for this one. “In the middle of September, we still play out in the rain, nothing to lose but everything to gain. Reflecting now on how things could’ve been, it was worth it in the end.” Yes, most definitely prepare for that traditional sentimentality.

“For Good” from Wicked– My high school graduation speaker referred to this song during his speech. “Because I knew you, I have been changed for good.” This one is chill-worthy.

“Photograph” by Nickelback – Photos are perhaps one of the best ways that people look at their past, via photo albums, or now more common, Facebook. This song has the singer looking back on his old town – with some regrets. 

“Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)” by Green Day – I’m sure everyone has heard this one, but it’s still perfect nonetheless. This one is my personal favorite. 

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