April Shower Sing-Alongs

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By David Oliver > Freshman > Journalism > University of Maryland, Photo By Riley Blanks > Sophomore > Sociology and Studio Art > University of Virginia

Wait, it’s April already?! It’s time to break out your umbrellas and cross your fingers the sun will come out tomorrow. First, however, listen to this eclectic playlist to channel all your emotions for the day.

“Chasing Cars” — Snow Patrol
A slow, alternative tune that definitely calms you down and will have you humming the words in no time. The hit was recently on Grey’s Anatomy’s musical episode, celebrating its original iconic presence in the second season finale in May 2006. Tear-jerker if you’re a person that cries.

“15 Step” — Radiohead
Radiohead is the most unique band on this playlist, fusing electronic and alternative styles, this song I believe to be the epitome of their work.  

“You Belong With Me” — Taylor Swift
Don’t judge a book by its cover. Behind Taylor Swift’s pop-star façade you’ll find the heart of a true musician, singing from the soul.

“Imagine” — John Lennon
This classic guarantees pressure on the listener and begs one to think about people other than themselves. Considering both the physical and emotional crises going on in Japan, take the time to buy this song off of iTunes in a special “Songs for Japan” album and give back to those in need. “Imagine all the people living for today.”

“Use Somebody” — Kings of Leon
Hipsters, don’t let the popularity of this song lead you astray. This Grammy-award-winning song will have you hitting the repeat button again and again, no matter what kind of music you like to – or not like to – listen to.


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