Spooky Dreams: What They Mean and How to Deal

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You’re checking yourself out in the mirror before leaving for your first class. Your hair looks fantastic and your dazzling eyes declare, “Today will be the best day ever.” You flash a confident smile only to witness your teeth crumble into oblivion. Horror-struck, you cover your mouth and your eyes bulge as dramatically as Sissy Spacek’s in the prom scene in Carrie.

Brrrrrng! Your alarm clock jolts you back into reality. It was all a dream. Nightmares involving teeth falling out or deteriorating are common anxiety dreams according to Dream Moods, a free online source dedicated to interpreting dreams.

Some nightmares that follow themes (such as falling, being naked in a public place, etc.) frequently occur to a vast number of people. Here are accounts of stress-related nightmares and tips on how to deal with these dreams:

Chase Dreams

Have you ever had that dream when you’re running away from something? Cypress Community College sophomore Hieu Vu has. “I was being chased by my friends or family. They were running after me trying to kill me,” says Vu.

Dream Moods suggests that a chase dream is related to avoiding an issue or fleeing from confronting a situation. Your pursuer may be the manifestation and projection of your sentiments regarding anger, jealousy and apprehension.

If you stop to confront whoever is chasing you or sincerely ask yourself why you are running, you can comprehend and gain insight about the origin of your anxiety.

Falling Dreams

In addition to the chase dream, Vu says his nightmare would conclude when, “I would finally reach a cliff where I had no choice but to jump.” Falling can often be an indication of failing or being unable to take control of your life.

Accordingly, Dream Moods adds that dreams that include being forced toward a hopeless downward motion signify insecurity and instability.

By accepting that there are parts of your life that you do not have power over, you can ease the anxiety-producing aspect of these nightmares. “I was really stressed my future and my relationships with my friends, family and myself,” recalls Vu. Recognizing what you are insecure about also relieves some angst.

Death Dreams

Mount Wachusett Community College junior Stephanie Lanciani says, “My dream was about my younger brother suddenly dying in the middle of an earthquake.” Lanciani explains that her nightmare may be caused by her thinking that she wastes time staying late at school instead of being with her family.

In regard to dreams about death or the dead, Dream Moods interprets these nightmares as a need to resolve feelings and could also mean a fear of loss.

Lanciani dealt with her dream in a different way, “I was able to turn this into a better situation and actually wrote about it for a creative writing assignment.” She described her assignment as “very cathartic” and that by writing about her dreams she can feel better as she organizes her thoughts and figures out her true emotions.


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