American College Horror Story: What do Students Fear?

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With Halloween approaching, scary movies and haunted houses have students covering their eyes and hiding behind their significant others… or wishing for a significant other to hide behind. While The Shining is undoubtedly terrifying for many, it’s not the terrifying reality college kids face (or at least hopefully). Beyond all of the fake, Hollywood horror, what’s actually scary in real life? I asked students at the University of Notre Dame what they feared most at this point in their life and their answers might just give you chills, too.

1. Caffeine withdrawals

“I’m terribly afraid of running out of flex points, because then I couldn’t get Starbucks.” –Amanda,* Junior

2. Losing BFFs

“My biggest fear is not being able to see my friends as much after graduation; everyone not getting together as often and that causing us to drift apart. Being a senior is terrifying.” –Sarah, Senior

3. The practical fear

“Sleeping past my exam, not waking up in time, that’s one of them.” –Matt, Senior

4. “Best four years of your life”

“This is my peak; my greatest accomplishment was getting into college and getting into Notre Dame and now this is it—this is as good as it will get” –Clarissa, Senior

5. The looming future

“I’m afraid of graduating with a degree that I think I’ll like and then getting into the work force and getting a job with that degree and then realizing I’ll hate it.” –Hailey, Freshman

6. Pest control

“I’m most afraid of the cockroaches in the kitchen of my dorm.” –Mary-Kate, Junior

7. “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

“Just the fear of not knowing what is in my future, because I’m scared I’ll make the wrong choices that will lead me down a path that is not for me.” –Maria, Freshman

8. No regrets… or too many regrets?

“Looking back on college and thinking that I missed some aspect one way or the other; thinking I spent too much time studying or didn’t take advantage enough of the resources –just a vague worry that I missed out” –Erin, Senior

9. The economy

“I fear not getting a job or getting a job I hate because of my major. I feel like it’s difficult finding a job and being able to keep it, even with a good education, and it’s all on you, not on your parents or anything, to take care of yourself. For me I’m afraid to make those choices that are going to define my life.” -Coty, Sophomore

10. Fear is for the weak

“I have no fears.” –Nicholas, Senior

*Last names withheld for privacy.

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