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Everyone who has ever sung a cappella knows the elusive power and magnificence of a perfect slide. And Voices in Your Head exceeded all expectations and stole my with their 2012 ICCA performance of “We Found Love.” It is ABSURD. Prepare yourself (it happens at 0:53)

They continue this ICCA performance from “We Found Love” into “Titanium,” finishing up with “Little Lion Man.” Honestly the whole performance is absolutely a masterpiece. Naturally, this epic success triggered a huge amount of arrangement-inspired jealousy in my music director soul. But my envy has subsided and I’m ready to laud Voices in Your Head as they deserve. Here goes:


Meet Voices in Your Head

From: University of Chicago

# of members: 18

Aca-Quirk: The array of rainbow tights sported by the ladies at their performances.

Top song: We Found Love/Titanium

Ridiculous dance moves include: Couples slow-dancing, intimate embraces, flawlessy full body wave…the choreo is just ridiculous.

Awards: ICCA semi and quarterfinal 1st place winners for 2012. Featured on BOCA, Voices Only and CARA.

Best beat boxer: Kevin Qian


Also check out their rendition of “Bad Moon Rising.” Very cool and haunting. Plus more sweet choreo. And an epic glory note.

Junior > English/Communications > Boston College

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