5 Things You Can Do When Feeling the College Blues

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It’s easy to catch a case of the blues when upcoming finals and graduation are around the corner. Moreover, it’s likely you could just be experiencing one of those days when you can’t explain why you’re feeling bummed out or gloomy. Here are a few quick and easy things you can do to cheer up: 

1. Write positive, self-affirming quotations on sticky notes and post them somewhere visible. You can search up inspirational quotations online and collect your favorite ones. Movies, books, music and philosophers are all excellent sources for encouraging quotes. Once you have your quotes, write them down on sticky notes and place them on your desk, wall, laptop or wherever you can see them often. Reminders are always useful. Here’s a Nora Ephron quote that you can start with, "Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim."

2. Be thankful and write down specifics. Before you sleep at night, you can write three things, people, etc. you’re thankful for. Think about what you appreciate even if it’s one of the most common occurrences or gestures such as when someone holds open a door for you or when someone you haven't spoken to in a while randomly greets you. Whenever you’re bummed out, it sometimes helps to think of all that you’re thankful for so that you will become filled with gratitude instead of despair.

3. Take photographs. Instagram is proof that all you really need for a remarkable photograph are a subject and a camera. Taking photographs is helpful because sometimes when your mind is clouded by negativity, it's easy to forget how overwhelmingly beautiful the world is. Even the most mundane subjects can look stunning if you adjust the lighting or approach it from a different perspective. You could probably say the same thing about life!

4. Listen to upbeat music and dance! Music has the capacity to alter your mood. Moreover, exercise causes your body to release endorphins which is a chemical linked to feelings of happiness. You can flail your arms to the beat of a catchy tune and try to overcome the blues.

5. Watch thought-provoking videos. TED Talks and Upworthy are two fantastic websites featuring incredibly interesting videos. The former features stimulating presentations by influential speakers. Occasionally, speakers may talk about pressing issues regarding social justice or sustainability. The latter has a variety of videos from all over the internet with topics that range from serious to humorous to educational. These videos could help shift your focus from your worries to world matters and concerns that offer a wider point of view.

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