18 Hilarious Quotes Overheard at Temple University

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Like many of the unofficial Temple-related Twitter accounts, @TUoverheard serves to both entertain and enlighten students. Nothing quite screams “Temple” like the dumbfounding statements you hear while walking on and around campus. Between the North Philly struggles, squirrels and harsh dating realities, I can promise you that people have a lot to say. I just can’t promise you that it will make any sense.

1. The Dog Lover

I can only hope they bought the DVD.

 2. The Law Abiding Citizen

I mean, it’s an honest mistake.

 3. The Positive Thinker

Someone put this guy on a commercial.

 4. The Truth Speaker

Usually followed by a “Isn’t it dangerous there?”

 5. The Real MVP

Even the craziest party girl has her struggles.

 6. The Next Einstein

Because we can’t all make Dean’s List.

 7. The Age Old Question

Is this drinking citation a real drinking citation?

 8. The Freshmen

Please go back to J&H where you belong.

9. The Future Geographer

I spy a student from the West Coast.


 10. The Future Valedictorian

I knew that water bottle I got during orientation would come in handy one day.

 11. The VIP Club Goer

Club Tech > Club Lib

 12. The Streaker

Suddenly my plans to do homework on Beaury seem inadequate.

 13. The God Incarnate

As long as her medical emergency served as an ego boost…

 14. The Academic

You can’t, but I think you can minor in it.

 15. The Global Thinker

Glad to know that “global consciousness” is alive and well.

 16. The Classical Music Aficionado

I’m going to assume this person meant, “I lost my virginity while listening to Mozart” for my own sanity.

 17. The Romantic

Drink till he’s cute.

18. The Realist

#TempleMade my dreams die?

Paulina is a Junior at Temple University studying Journalism and Sociology. She loves anything from pop culture to inspirational quotes and hopes to one day call The Big Apple home.

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