15 Signs It’s Spring on Campus

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It’s spring. The sun is out, the grass is green and college students everywhere are crawling out of their dorm rooms like cavemen after an ice age.  While our parents are at home daydreaming about lawn mowers and this year’s hippest gardening tools, here’s what’s happening on campus:

1. The entire biking community dusts off their cruisers and fixies, thus providing awkward traffic situations for all non-bikers.

2. Every campus organization competes desperately to win your soul via snow cone. 

3. The amount of shirtless men increases tenfold. Sure, it’s only 50 degrees outside, but the cross country team ain’t afraid of a little T.H.O. 

4. A 20% chance of rain has every girl on campus adorned in polka-dotted, checkered, plaid, zebra-striped, cow-print, insert-other-hideous-pattern-here rain boots.

5. Every residence that owns a beer pong table promptly moves it outside.

6. Spiced latte Instagram pictures are replaced with frozen yogurt, tulips and blades of grass.

7. Walking past the recreation field makes you nervous because you know it’s going to be awkward to have to toss the Frisbee back after it hits you in the head.

8. The local park becomes a doggy speed dating event.

9. There aren’t any places to eat your waffle fries outside, and when there are, it’s a work out to keep your napkins from going Lenny Kravitz-style and flying away.

10. Walking home from evening class becomes comfortingly less Children of the Corn-esque.  Daylight saving time saves more than daylight… it saves students’ lives, too!

11. Your afternoon yoga classes become cancelled more often because the instructor prefers practicing it naked in her own backyard.

12. On the way to class, it’s likely a skateboarder will come dangerously close to injuring your lower extremities.

13. Blankets come off your bed and onto the earth, held down by a bag of Subway and some iPod speakers.

14. Everyone’s favorite hobby is running… for about three weeks. And then everyone’s favorite hobby is just wearing running shorts.

15. The residence hall boards are strikingly similar to the one your elementary school used to put up for Easter.   

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