10 Ways to Turn a Girl On

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Why is it that guys think girls are so complicated? We spend our lives being told that we’re a sexual enigma, that it’s so hard to figure us out. There is something about the feminine aura that mystifies men to the point of blank-faced confusion. Guys, I’m here to let you in on a little secret – we’re not that mysterious, at least when it comes to what turns us on (as far as the deeper stuff goes, well, that’s a different story). We’re not some 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle with missing corners. Turning on a girl is like solving a rubix cube – at first, it seems insurmountable, but in reality, all it takes is the right moves and a little practice to solve it. Guys, pay attention – I’m about to give you a solution guide.

1. Eye contact. It’s often said that the eyes are the window to the soul, and as cheesy as that line is, it’s kind of true. There is something so intimate about looking directly into another person’s eyes, seeing only them, and knowing that they’re looking at only you. Not to mention the fact that eye contact is a sign of confidence, maturity and respect.

2. Guys who love their mom. Girls have respect for a guy who’s not ashamed to show his mommy some love. “The way a guy treats his mom says a lot about how he would treat you,” says Kaitlin Reinhardt, a junior at Central Connecticut State University. I mean, she did give birth to you – the least you can do is call her once in a while and give her a hug in public.

3. Behind the back hugs. This cute and intimate surprise is an immediate mood-booster. There’s nothing like being reminded that you’re loved when you’re not expecting it.

4. Guys who are good with kids. Maybe it has something to do with our maternal instincts, or maybe we’re just hypnotized by the adorable combo of a cute guy and a cute kid. Whatever it is, the fact remains that girls love guys who love kids. Put the two together and it’s cutemageddon.

5. Confidence. Duh. This one is obvious. How many times have you been told that confidence is the key to winning over a girl? It’s trite, but it’s true. A guy who isn’t afraid of who he is and knows what he wants is sexy. Be who you are, and own it.

6. A sense of humor. Life is full of serious things, but flirting isn’t one of them. Laugh at yourself, laugh at the situation you’re in, laugh at the girl you’re trying to win over. We all want to be with someone who can make us smile. If you can do that, you have an immediate leg up.

7. Forehead kisses. Something about the forehead kiss feels a little more intimate than the cheek kiss – probably because the after-effect is looking into each others eyes. Ahhh (see above).

8. Kindness. This seems like a given, but you’d be surprised at how many guys think that acting like an asshole is the way to a girl’s heart. Sure, the hard-to-get thing may work for some, but compliments trump underhanded insults any day.

9. Backs and arms. You were all born with backs and arms. You’ve got it, now flaunt it. Calf muscles are also a crowd pleaser. “A man with nice calves is a man who could pick you up and run you away from danger,” says Emma West, a freshman at Boston College. Excuse me while I swoon.

10. Guys who respect women. If you respect us, then we respect you. Simple as that. Give us the credit we deserve, and we’ll give you the time of day. Maybe.


Photos taken from dinozze.com and tumblr.com

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