10 Ways to get Your Roommate to Love you

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Whether or not you and your roommate are best friends and attached at the hip, or just tolerate each other with mild amusement, there’s always room for improvement in one of your most important college relationships. Read on for some tips on how to keep the good vibes up:

1. DO – Motivate Your Roomie
Remember when your roommate has a big test or presentation coming up, and give her a shout-out of encouragement that morning. A few happy words can go a long way when you’re so busy you’re drinking coffee like water and can’t remember what a bed feels like.

2. DON’T – Forget to lock the door

When you leave your room for the night, take the extra three seconds to lock your door. If you forget and your roommate comes back the next morning to find his laptop stolen, things might get ugly. You have a key for a reason – use it!

3. DO – Keep the light on
If you go to bed before your roommate gets back from a big night of partying, make sure you keep his desk lamp on. Alcohol plus complete darkness is never a good combo and your roommate will appreciate the sprained ankle you saved him from.

4. DON’T – Encourage the snooze addiction
Have a general idea of your roommate’s schedule, so when you get back to your room and realize she didn’t wake up for her alarm, you know to drag her out of bed so she can get her butt to class. She may momentarily hate you for disturbing her sleep, but she’ll thank you when she doesn’t miss the quiz she almost slept through.


5. DO – Find absurd reasons to celebrate
It’s National Sandwich Day? Time to party. It’s National Dessert Day? Even better! Almost every day of every month has some crazy holiday attached to it, so take a break from all that studying to celebrate your favorites with your roommate.

6. DON’T – Work out alone
If you’re hitting the gym or going for a run, don’t forget to ask your roommate if he wants to tag along. It’s at least a little bit easier to muster up the motivation to stop watching TV and go work out if you have someone joining you.

7. DO – Hook ‘em up
So you’re in class with the hottie your roommate is secretly in love with? What a crazy coincidence. Play a little match making and you’re guaranteed some roommate appreciation.

8. DON’T – Disturb
If you’re awake before your roommate and getting ready for class while she's sleep, take extra care to keep the noise level to a minimum. There’s nothing scarier than living with a grumpy, sleep-deprived college student.

9. DO – Practice what you preach
If you’re harping on your roommate to keep his side of the room clean, make sure that you’re not the one with empty diner containers strewn on your desk and clothes piled mountain-high on your bed.

10. DON’T – Forget to ask permission
For the sake of all things roommate related, do not borrow things of your roommate without asking her, unless she tells you otherwise. When she asks you where her favorite shirt is that she wants to wear to the bar that night and you have to tell her it’s crumpled in the bottom of your laundry basket, things will get awkward pretty quickly if you didn’t ask to borrow it first.
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