10 Things Cornellians Do Best

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Far above Cayuga’s waters, in the “gorges” town of Ithaca stands a campus and an institution unlike any other. From climbing steep, slippery hills in the middle of winter to listening to the McGraw Tower bells play the familiar tune of a Disney classic and the occasional Lady Gaga song, Cornellians love their alma mater–interminable snow season and all. Whether we’re cuddling up with friends to study for a prelim at Mann Library or cheering for Big Red Hockey at Lynah rink, Cornell just does it better. And yes, I’m looking at you, Harvard.

1. “Cornellians are best at finding random places to take a nap.”

-Jesse Zhang, senior

2. “Cornellians are really good at paying $800+ for a parking spot, and then walking miles to, from and around campus everyday.”

-Angela Falisi, alumna, Class of 2012

3. “Cornellians are best at making fun of each other's majors (hey, are you an enginerd?).” 

-Maria Napolitano, senior

4. “Cornellians are best at walking uphill in a foot of snow.”

Kelly Harrison, senior

5. “Cornellians are best at waiting in line to get into the library before it opens.”

-Sabrina Moroz, senior

6. “Cornellians are best at getting a 56 on a test, but being thrilled because the mean was a 50.”

-Kyle Zhou, junior

7. “Cornellians are best at drowning out bell chimes when they’re trying to study.”

-Sarah Sassoon, sophomore

8. “Cornellians are best at changing their minds about being pre-med after Gen Chem.”

-Alan Chramiec, senior

9. “Cornellians are best at marathoning in the library.”

-Michelle Gelshteyn, senior

10. “Cornellians are best at competing over who has more work or which college is better.”

-Ali Wangeman, senior


Oh and we’re also pretty good at flashmobs, gangnam style!


Maria Minsker

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