These 10 Netflix Shows Will Distract You From Midterms

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Now’s the time to relax a bit and ease your stress the good ole’ way: Netflix and chill. Shows like Once Upon a Time, Portlandia and House of Cards patiently await you to turn on your laptop, log into your Netflix account and binge-watch four seasons of a show—perfect for avoiding your dreadfully impossible psychology midterm. Whether you’re at the library or in your bedroom, Netflix will surely distract you from any up and coming midterms.

Give your brain a break and binge on one of these 10 shows Netflix shows instead.

1. Narcos

Transport yourself (via Netflix) to the 1980s in Colombia. Narcos provides an in-depth glimpse into the dangerous life of Colombian drug lords, most notably Pablo Escobar. “Because this crime documentary series is full of subtitles, I was so focused on the show that I couldn’t distract myself at all, and it was well worth it,” said Farmingdale State senior Erik Ryan. With two seasons on Netflix, Narcos’s gripping and compelling story of the history of Colombian drug cartels may be the ultimate tool in prepping for your history midterm.

2. Shameless

Feel like kickin’ it in the Southside of Chicago? Look no further than to the comedy-drama television series, Shameless. This show explores the ups and downs of the lives of the six Gallagher kids. “I watched the Gallagher’s story through the eyes of Lipp, Fiona and Ian, who are all around my age, and it felt somewhat relatable no matter how dysfunctional their family gets,” said University of Michigan junior Claire Denson. Prepare yourself for the perfect study break: six seasons of unconventional family life dealing with relationships and school.

3. Once Upon a Time

Imagine Snow White, Prince Charming and Pinocchio chillin’ in modern-day Maine. Sounds weird, right? Once Upon a Time gives viewers the chance to watch their most beloved fairy-tale characters come to life and deal with issues as human beings and fairy tale creatures. “This show is so similar to my life because it explains the deepest moral values, but does it in the most disguising ways: through fairy tale characters,” said Florida State University senior Jordan Brunker. Disney and fairy-tale enthusiasts should check this show out in between study breaks. You do not want to miss Rumpelstiltskin battle Peter Pan.

4. Chelsea Does

Join in with the comedy buffs and head to Netflix to watch Chelsea Handler explore four fascinating topics. You’re in for not only a good laugh session but a learning lesson as well. “I’m a psych major and in each episode, Handler speaks with a clinical psychologist about why she acts in certain ways, and I thought that it was on such a personal level and so fascinating—it really spoke to me,” said Fordham University sophomore Andrew Young. Chelsea Does explores areas of interest such as marriage and the workings of technology that require full attention. So put down your study guide and head over to Netflix.

5. Orange is the New Black

Prison makes for a scary place, especially for Piper Kerman in Orange is the New Black. Placed in prison 10 years after her crime, Piper’s upper-middle-class life dives into the garbage when she arrives at Litchfield Penitentiary. Buckle up for a heart-wrenching and cry-worthy series comprised of the accounts of not only Piper but all of the female prisoners at Litchfield. This Netflix series highlights the insanely dramatic episodes of female prisoners. It’s definitely worthy of distraction from studying for your microeconomics exam.

6. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

The notably resilient Kimmy Schmidt was rescued from a cult in Indiana at the age of 29 and forced into a normal life in New York City. Sounds kind of cray, right? This lighthearted show, created by comedy queen Tina Fey, explores the optimistic attitude of Kimmy Schmidt who deals with finding a real job, a place to live and making friends. “Kimmy really struck with me because she really is unbreakable, and although her life truly started at 29 years old, she’s proud of living and that kind of morale is worthy of my attention any day,” said FSU senior Sara Levine.

7. A Series of Unfortunate Events

Remember the epic book series written by Lemony Snicket? The 13 books have now been translated into one of the funniest and driest comedies on Netflix starring How I Met Your Mother’s Neil Patrick Harris. The basic gist of the show dives into the lives of the three Baudelaire siblings, now orphans, who must live with their distant relative, Count Olaf. This hilarious show offers the perfect distraction during midterm season. What more can you ask from a show?

8. Portlandia

Attention: all fans of Saturday Night Live head over to Netflix and watch the legend Fred Armisen’s comical and quirky series. Portlandia takes place in Oregon and contains comedy sketches that poke fun at cultural trends. “I love Portlandia for its wacky and satirical sketches. I’m always keeping up to date with current trends in the news and on social media, and this show seems to parody those alternative views in the funniest ways,” said Cornell University junior Tara Tardino. This unique show entangles politics, comedy and trends. Sounds like the perfect show to interrupt that intense Chemistry flashcard session.

9. House of Cards

All those interested in getting a taste of political life in Washington D.C. should check out House of Cards. Frank Underwood, played by Kevin Spacey, ruthlessly increases his position of power in the political sector of D.C. “I never watched a fictional show where viewers actually saw Washington D.C.’s political scene first-hand quite like Kevin Spacey’s character—and it was awesome,” said University of Miami junior Mackenzie Buckley. Now streaming on Netflix, all four seasons will help complete the perfect study sesh for political science majors right before their midterm.

10. Parks and Recreation

Interested in joining the bureaucracy? Ambitious Leslie Knope can fill you in on those duties in Parks and Recreation. Based in Pawnee, Indiana, this show allows viewers to see the personal lives of government employees in the parks department. Each worker usually fills us in on their day each episode. The hilarious cast and the funny challenges they have to face on a daily basis make Parks and Recreation a dynamic show worthy of Netflix binging. Especially in between writing that 20-page paper for your lit class.

Alex is a senior at Florida State University studying History and International Affairs. When she isn’t attending music festivals, she is busy watching Saturday Night Live and keeping up with contemporary trends. Born and raised in New York, Alex has adopted writing as a way to convey her fast paced and dynamic life.

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